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    Electrified Souls

    In the dimly lit room Trixy calmly waited to get hypnotized.

    Reclined in the exceptionally soft chair, her eyes were closed and her

    hands were interlocked at her mid-section. An aquarium containing

    goldfish softly bubbled away in the silence. She was alone, waiting

    for the doctor to return and begin the session.

    His name was professionally "Dr. Kenneth Walters, M.D." but she

    casually called him Ken. He was alright with that, as her

    friendliness made his job of subduing her consciousness easier.

    Ever since April Trixy has used Dr. Walters' services. He was

    one of the world's premier hypnosis practitioners,

    publishing two acclaimed books on the science and giving

    the rare conference speech. She primarily

    has him retrieve forgotten memories or alter her automated

    behavior response patterns but for this session she asked

    him to attempt to bring her to a deeper level of hypnosis

    than ever before and try to dislocate her consciousness in

    what many experts refer to as "previous life recall."

    Two weeks ago she had a dream about being another woman

    in a time and culture that she had no formal knowledge of.

    She had to research what she had seen and experienced

    in the dream on the internet to even know what

    some of the things were. She deduced that she dreamt

    about an ancient European tribe and that she was a

    medicine woman of good repute within that culture.

    Dr. Walters agreed that she could've dreamt about a

    previous life. He gave her a detailed

    pamphlet loaded with information about the beliefs in reincarnation and what

    little scientific evidence of reincarnation being real there was.

    They both agreed that no matter what either of them believed,

    her recollections seemed genuinely true. Dr. Walters said

    that even if reincarnation wasn't real she could've

    seen into another time and location much like prophets

    see into the future. She said that either way, she would like

    to further explore her dream and gather any new details

    about her seemingly real recollection.

    The long wait ended with Dr. Walters quietly returning

    to his seat on the leather couch, situated parallel

    to the recliner horizontally. She barely heard him re-enter

    the room as she was borderline asleep.

    Dr. Walters soothingly said, "How are you, Trixy?"

    Trixy replied, "Good, Ken."

    "Good," Dr. Walters said, "I want you to breathe in slowly

    a full ten seconds. Recall the numbers in your mind.

    As you breathe in I want you to think about a luscious

    yard with vibrant green grass and daffodils scattered all

    around. When you reach ten, breathe out slowly to ten again.

    As you breathe out I want you to picture the goldfish

    inside my tank swimming through the air above the

    grass. I want this scene to bleed full color with a

    vivid liveliness in your mind. I want the gentle

    breeze to touch the grass, I want the scales of the goldfish

    to glint in the bright sunlight. I want you to sink inward,

    feeling the weight in your head of the low waves

    when they drown out the background noise. Your inner ears

    are now in a vacuum, the only thing you hear is goldfish

    jumping out of the water as you rise above the ocean to

    see the infinite blue sky. Now you're light as a feather,

    dancing through the clouds, those fluffy soft cotton candy

    clouds. You there, Trixy?"

    Trixy replied, "I am well."

    "Good," Dr. Walters said, "Now I want you to search for land.

    When you find land let me know what you see. Remember, we're

    searching for your ancient life, in a previous millennia. Tell me

    what you see."

    Trixy replied, "Long rivers. A small town made of houses built close to one another.

    It looks like before cars were invented. I'm landing on the roof

    of a longhouse and there's a group of people gathering to see.

    They think I'm an angel. They want to know who I am."

    "Okay, Trixy," Said Dr. Walters, "I want you to lift yourself into

    the heavens once again and go somewhere else. Tell me, what do you see?"

    Trixy replied, "I see you, watching me."

    "What?" Said Dr. Walters, amazed, "Tell me, are you outside of your


    Trixy replied, "Yes. I feel like I'm pure energy, like I will

    never die. Like I can do anything and I can go anywhere. I see

    you turning your head to find me."

    "Where are you in the room right now?" Asked Dr. Walters

    with excitement in his voice.

    Trixy replied, "I went to myself and now I'm watching myself

    say this to you but I'm hearing my voice as though someone else

    were saying these words. Can you see me? I turned around and

    I'm right there watching you in your eyes."

    "No." Said Dr. Walters, "I don't see you at all."

    Trixy said, "I'm rising through the ceiling. And now I'm high above the

    Earth. I can see the buildings shrink below me. I don't know where I'm

    going and it's like I'm not in control, like I'm being guided.

    Now I'm in space. It's an amazing sight."

    Trixy fell silent. Dr. Walters observed her

    breathing and checked her pulse. She seemed alright and ordinarily

    calm. He said to her, "You're very quiet, tell me, what do you


    Trixy licked her lips slowly for a few seconds, not replying.

    Eventually she said, "It's another world."

    Dr. Walters drew in a deep breath then sat on the couch

    again. He said, "Tell me about this new world."

    Trixy replied, "All of everything has it's own glow to

    it. It's difficult to explain. It's like a world full of auras.

    but I can see into everything as well as see it on the outside.

    It's like seeing and being frequencies but I'm solid and so are they.

    "They who?" Dr. Walters replied.

    Trixy said, "They are us in a different form. This could even

    be another plane of reality. I'm not easily

    interpreting this to tell you but I'm not confused inside this

    beautiful world of apparitions. It's as though the

    boundaries of solid matter and some sort of plasmatic-liquid-gasses

    are undefined and morphing in a continuous interconnected motion.

    They are in the shapes of people but look so unearthly.

    I go freely through the air, weightless. While I go

    everything I pass changes like I am part of it.

    I'm holding out my hands to look at them and they look

    two-dimensional in my eyes but they are actually extra-dimensional. "

    "I'm drifting to one of those people. There is an

    electricity that doesn't flash like on Earth. This new

    sort of electricity is slow and appears like the skin on

    heated milk, but it's neon and clear and it never quits it's

    continuous cycles, covering everything inanimate or filled with life."

    "Ken, it's a world of souls. We are souls. Everything

    is a soul here. That's what I'm seeing. Souls. Electrified souls."

    Trixy went silent. Dr. Walters soaked up the new information,

    wishing he could see what she is describing to him. He snaps

    his fingers loudly and says, "You can now awake."

    Trixy's eyes open and she yawns out the dreaminess in her head.

    She looks at Dr. Walters, her eyes appearing somewhat glazed. She

    says, "What an outlandish vision that was."

    "You're telling me!" Exclaims Dr. Walters, leaning over to the end

    table to press the button on the cassette recorder.

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    This was an engaging short story - I see from your links that this is almost your own specialism.

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    Very interesting, I found myself wanting to keep reading. Nice job!

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