I finally found the Short Stories and it was like going home after a long time away. I spent yesterday reading and responding to many stories. Which gave birth to some questions:

Why are there so many formats? Especially in terms of spacing and indents. A writer who spends time to write a Short Story must go nuts when all their work is jammed together in one massive paragraph! There's also no standard for font or size. This lack of standards is not reader friendly.

With the number of people submitting stories, and the number of people visiting to read them, why is this group so hard to find? Why is this activity not given the status of a Forum?

Do we have to learn the step child of html language this site likes, to have our work presented the way we want? Or do we have to retype every story? Other sites on the Net accept MS Word formatting.

The result of my day spent reading Short Stories was interesting. There were many stories I passed over because they had been jammed into huge paragraphs. And I wanted to read them. It made me not want to subject my stories to the weird formatting.

Have a nice writing day.