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Thread: How do I download a book to read off-line?

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    How do I download a book to read off-line?

    How do I download a book to read off-line?
    I want to start by reading Jack London's Sea Wolf.
    Can I download a whole book and not have to download single chapters?
    I want to download only the text, preferably in a TXT format.
    Can I simply download into iBooks or any other format?
    Currently, I can download the Whole Page of chapter one in 92k.
    I get everything above, and both the left and the right of the text.
    Also, any suggestion for an app to easily download and view the text?

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    Just use Gutenberg. Here's Sea Wolf. EPUB will download to Ibooks. There are .txt files listed under more files, but I don't know how those work. Why not just use EPUB?
    And this from a man in a bunny suit.

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    That link was useful Pompey. Thanks.

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