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    Cybernaut Ark Riddle

    2401, the young city of “Rakisphere” was built within a half-subterranean

    globe that was only visible as a dome on the surface.

    Everyone who lived in Rakisphere was an employee of Cyber Tree Inc. and

    entrance into the city was only permitted to employees. The majority of

    the employees were members of the Cybernaut Worker’s Union (CWU) and over

    three quarters of the people who lived in Rakisphere were employed in

    some sort of cybernautics job.

    Cybernautics was long used in many industries at the time, especially ones

    where heavy machinery was required. The days of manually controlling heavy

    machinery on site were long gone.

    Cybernautics is the use of virtual reality in any task to reach a goal.

    Two networks independent of each other were created; one network housed the

    software for corporations and their intellectual and electronic properties

    created and used for economical solutions and industry while the second

    network housed the software and intellectual and electronic properties used

    for personal entertainment such as virtual gaming, film and music, video

    phones and a plethora of other uses not fit for co-existence within the

    industrial network.

    With two independent networks the risks of rogue hackers interrupting the

    corporate systems was greatly reduced. In fact, this was a main reason for

    the creation of Rakisphere. The growing concerns in the CWU for privacy

    protection and guaranteeing their intellectual and electronic rights

    in the shadow of increasingly crafty cyber-pirates eventually led to the need

    to separate the bulk of Cybernautics employees into a detached system for the

    duration of their time working.

    Rakisphere was highly secured. Workers would often live there for several

    months at a time without days off then take a month or two of leave at a

    time. Cybernautics was an industry of choice as the pay was extraordinary and

    the room for career advancement was very wide and very flexible. Cybernautics

    rivaled health care in growth and innovation.

    A young man named Tresdin had graduated Cybernautics University with honors.

    He applied for work at Cyber Tree Inc. then soon was employed in a

    construction division of a subsidiary of the corporation. He learned how to

    control several heavy machines used for building condos or building

    apartment buildings. He joined the CWU and rented a house in the city of


    One day at work he logged into his virtual reality machine then uploaded the

    software required for the day’s job. When all systems were a go the mainframe

    paused, disallowing him to proceed with his work. The virtual scene melted

    away and he appeared inside of a massive virtual ark with a great many others

    who experienced the same error.

    Everyone else on the ark were wearing the same CTI uniforms, much to

    Tresdin’s relief as he could ascertain that the error was an internal systems

    issue and that meant that the problem should be solved fairly soon. He asked

    around at the other CTI employees whether they knew much about this sort of

    thing. Some couldn’t reply as they were unaware of him within their own

    virtual realities.

    Finally one girl with the name of Oletta replied to him when he asked

    her what was going on. She informed him that this was only the second time

    she experienced this error in the whole 33 years she was employed at CTI.

    In the center area of the mainly empty virtual ark an elaborate mess of

    free-floating blocky shapes materialized. The shapes reformed themselves

    while the virtual object continuously rotated. The shapes appeared to

    follow a mathematical pattern but the overall look of the visual glitch

    had a counter-intuitive randomness to it that only a calculated error

    could realize.

    Tresdin asked Oletta what the blocky image was. She said that she didn’t

    know and she cautioned him to avoid going near it as with the previous

    error that she told him about the same glitch appeared on that ark as well

    and an employee got too close to it and he vanished inside the ark. When the

    error was repaired the CTI management found him in his work area hours

    following the issue with his work software running and he was suited up and

    attached to the virtual reality machine. He was brought to the medical

    division where it was declared that he was brain dead. To this day he

    continues to live in the CTI med quarters while scientists research his

    issues in the belief they can bring him back.

    Tresdin and Oletta remained where they stood silently for another several

    minutes before they were booted out of the ark glitch. Tresdin logged out

    of his virtual reality machine and took a break before calling the tech

    support division to inform them of the systems error. They sent him on leave

    until the issue was repaired and a full systems double-check was performed

    to rid the software of any other errors.

    Tresdin was nervous about the issue but with the assurance of Oletta’s

    experience with this certain sort of virtual glitch he wouldn’t need to

    worry so much about it happening often. He hadn’t worked with CTI for very

    long and he wasn’t informed of this system’s error. CTI had seemed to really

    be thorough in their rigorous training process so he wondered how they could

    leave a serious thing like system errors out of the new recruits program.

    He went to his house and went to bed early, confident that the tech support

    specialists would take care of the systems glitches. It was a total mystery

    though why it was an ark that appeared with the error and the riddle of the

    mathematical shape wad that free-floated in the center area kept his

    imagination active well into the blurred nebulous of dreamland as it engulfed


    20 short stories for your reading amusement.

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    Interesting. A futuristic world built upon the potential use of virtual reality through computers. Total Recall? Whats happening on earth outside the dome?

    I like that there is a glitch, and how Tresdin fell into 'the blurred nebulous of dreamland'. The unconcious/concious parallel between virtual reality and real life itself.

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