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    A Midnoon Ritz

    Our town was a small town and however small our town was the size of our town didn’t account

    for the eccentricities of our residents. Life in our town felt more like an actor’s retreat

    than anything else. Everyone was always beside themselves as though it were taboo to actually

    maintain a believable personae for any length of time.

    Life was so much of a confusing random social obtuseness when any number of people gathered

    that you could liken our town to an upscale amusement park costume party. Each day was

    different and no theme ever seemed to congeal in the mess that we considered our elite society.

    We were all sane too. You couldn’t account for our exotic appearance.

    Attitudes varied on the expressive side of things. Some of us were exceptionally excited to

    know each other and feel free to act out unconventionally. Others took their parts with a calm

    coolness, as though nothing was abnormal. Nothing was wrong. Nothing outside of the ordinary.

    You could see that nothing was quid pro quo if you were to visit our exclusive small town. You’d

    never see it though because we invited no one. We told no one. It was a secret town. A resort

    for the eccentric.

    I was married at that time. These days I casually swing girl to girl as my whims permit,

    but then, in those days, I was deep in the loving hold of fidelity and head over heels in

    love with my wife. We loved that town. We loved each other. It was a great time for both of us.

    We had a room in our house dedicated solely to eccentric outfits, eccentric costumes and a

    number of unconventional fashion accessories. Our “gig” as we called it was to dress up in

    expensive fine garb and do ourselves proud when we overdressed for all occasions. It became

    a challenge to outdo everyone because there were some other residents in our small town who

    had the same idea.

    Our personal touch was to match our outfits as closely as we could to make us look like a pair

    of inseparable twits. I suppose you could say that we succeeded, to the annoyance of our friends

    who tired of our unceasingly matching outfits.

    When our outfits didn’t match they would annoyingly mismatch in visually disruptive ways.

    The “match-your-partner” theme became a sub-culture within our small town.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to call our small town a cult or a conspiracy ring or any of that

    nonsense. Our intentions were benign and totally self-involved in an individual sense. As

    a community we were more in favor of getting along with each other and not taking our secret

    society to a serious, meddling level. There were no extra dues, symbolic connotations,

    social obligations or anything required to each other except for the no visitor rule and

    our promise to not mention our secret society to another human soul. Everything we did in

    that town was mutually consensual, as we all agreed that forcing each other to do anything

    that we didn’t want to do was entirely unacceptable.

    The goal was to enjoy life and not feel the pressures of the world. We all got along fine

    with one another and there were really no problems at all during the duration of our time

    living in that small town.

    It was only a few months but the memories will never fade. Many of us enjoyed ourselves

    so much that it would be fair to say nothing we ever would do again would ever seem so great.

    One day during our time in that small town we had a show-off of our fine attire and fine

    accessories. The event was dubbed “A Midnoon Ritz” and everyone who wanted to

    participate was told to dress as well as we could. I wore a suit and a tie with a $40,000

    watch. My wife wore a beautiful dress with $100,000 worth of jewelry. We were a

    phenomenal sight to behold. Groomed to perfection. We really were an attractive pair.

    There was no prize initially at A Midnoon Ritz but we were to vote on each other to

    determine who would win.

    My wife and I showed up ten minutes to noon. There was a luncheon with a bar to begin the

    proceedings. We didn’t eat but we got buzzed on some liquor and wine. There was a dance

    and a band played for our enjoyment. When the dance was over we went ahead and made our

    votes on slips of paper then tossed them into a top hat.

    Before our votes were tallied one of the participants hushed us for a surprise

    announcement, he said, “I apologize for delaying the tally for tonight’s winners

    but I, Roger and my wife, Wonette wanted to share a special item of great wonder

    and influence. You need no faith to believe our claims because we will prove

    to you what we can do with it.”

    Roger bowed lightly and allowed for his wife to present the item.

    Wonette revealed a ring from her purse, holding it high for everyone to see.

    The circumference of the ring was wider than any ring either I or my wife

    had ever seen, appearing appropriate on a cave man. The ring gave a shimmer

    unlike any I’d seen before and bore a gem that was perfectly clear.

    Wonette said, “This ring contains the influence to reveal the lie or reveal truth.

    For you see the gem will turn red in color if the wearer is true in what they say

    and it will turn blue if the wearer lies. For the ring to work you need to wear it

    on your middle finger. To prove this we will now show you.”

    Wonette slid the ring onto her middle finger then closed her hand. The ring wasn’t

    very tight, leaving a visible amount of room.

    Roger lifted a glass of iced liquor for everyone to see and produced a fork.

    He lightly hit the glass with the head of the fork. A sharp sound rang out.

    Roger said to Wonette, “Did I or did I not ring on this glass?”

    Wonette replied, “Yes. You rang on that glass.”

    The ring shifted color, clouding like a squid uses ink to hide in the ocean, a bright

    enchanting red color filled the gem on the ring.

    People whispered to each other, amazed at the miracle. Roger and Wonette smirked.

    Roger said, “You see, ladies and gentlemen, my wife was true with her words, therefore

    the ring has clouded red. Now let’s try this again.”

    Roger lightly hit the glass with the head of the fork again. A sharp sound rang out.

    Roger said to Wonette, “Did I or did I not ring on this glass?”

    Wonette replied, “No. You did not ring on that glass.”

    The ring shifted color, clouding like a squid uses ink to hide in the ocean, a bright

    enchanting blue color filled the gem on the ring.

    People whispered to each other, amazed at the miracle. Roger and Wonette smirked.

    Roger said, “You see, ladies and gentlemen, my wife was lying with her words, therefore

    the ring has clouded blue. So you see what this relic can do. We had not brought our

    relic with us to only show off it’s mysterious influence, we brought it with a challenge,

    a gamble if you will.”

    “Where did you ever find such a thing?” Someone abruptly said.

    Roger replied to the inquiry, “That is in and of itself a tale too long to tell, but in

    short you could say that it was a gift from an angel and that it was presented to us

    for our charitable work with the Humane Society.”

    Roger continued, “Now, if we may offer this gamble.” He paused and turned to his wife

    then said, “Wonette?”

    Wonette said, “Yes. One moment.” Then she left for a minute returning with a jewelry

    box. She opened the jewelry box to show everyone the contents. Everyone was impressed

    with the sheer beauty of the jewelry.

    Roger said, “Now if you would like to wager a fine piece of your own jewelry in a

    true or false match, you can chance yourself on leaving A Midnoon Ritz with new

    treasures. What Wonette will do is cover her ring so that you can’t see what color

    it turns. You make your wager, one piece of your jewelry for one piece of our jewelry,

    then Wonette will say some things. If you guess correctly that she is either telling

    a lie or telling a truth, you win. If not, you forfeit your wager. Who would like

    to play?”

    My wife said, “I would. I wager my fine necklace that I am wearing. I bought it in

    eastern Europe off a traditional jeweler whose family has been forging jewelry

    for over two centuries. I would like to wager this necklace for that diamond ring.”

    Roger said, “Very well.”

    Wonette handed the open jewelry box to her husband then covered the ring on her hand

    so that no one could see if she was being true or false.

    Wonette said, “There once was a farmer in Tennessee who grew beets. He owned

    seventy-two acres of land that he used to plant his crop. One day as he was sowing

    his beets, this was the 1830s mind you, not 2015… well, as he was sowing the beets

    he was suddenly in a daze of confusion and fell off his horse, losing consciousness.

    When he re-awoke he found himself inside a room on a table that needed no legs to

    support him. A little man with large eyes and a small body entered the room naked.

    The little man scared the farmer so much that the farmer was paralyzed with fear.

    The little man talked to the farmer without opening his mouth. The little man said,

    ‘I am Zanomuxtel. I travel here from another universe and you are now going to take

    this message to your people that in nine hours there will be an earthquake and you

    should find safety.’ the farmer passed out again then re-awoke next to his horse

    and plow. The farmer thought it was all in his imagination so he didn’t heed

    the little man’s cautions. He went on to finishing sowing his beets then told his wife

    about what happened when he got back to his house that night.”

    Roger said, “What is your guess, was Wonette telling a true tale or no?”

    My wife had a thoughtful look of disbelief and she took a few seconds to reply.

    She said, “False. That was a lie.”

    Wonette revealed the ring and it was clouded with blue. Roger said, “You are

    correct! Wonette told a tall tale. You win this ring.”

    My wife was excited and she hurriedly retrieved her prize. For another half

    an hour the challenge continued and overall Roger and Wonette gained on the

    gambles, leaving with a few extra items of jewelry. Everyone was fascinated with

    the mysterious ring and wanted to try it out for themselves. Roger and Wonette

    obliged them.

    When the gamble challenge was done and over with we tallied our votes up to see

    who won the honor of A Midnoon Ritz. Myself and my wife won with three votes.

    That’s one vote beyond anyone else.

    A Midnoon Ritz wound down with another dance and we all thoroughly enjoyed

    ourselves. When it was over it was half an hour after three and the sun was

    shining high in the clear blue sky.

    Our small town was beautiful and freshly built to our own fanciful delights. My

    wife and I got in our suburban classic car with the wood paneling on the sides

    and the travel rack on the car roof and we drove off towards our house that wasn’t

    even a block away.

    I said to my wife, “That’s a nice ring you won yourself.”

    She replied, “Diamonds are forever, don’t you know?”

    I said, “All the diamonds in the world could never compare to you.”

    I parked the car in our driveway and we went inside, in need of some down time

    as we were lazy.
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    Beautiful story may need more element of surprise.
    thank you

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