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    Landyn had a lot of things leftover from his business.

    For thirteen years he owned the oddly tall and skinny

    building on Merengue Boulevard, but he bought a new

    building and opened a new business to sell leisure wear

    and leisure accessories and deck furniture.

    The old business, aptly named “The Mandarin Tower” wasn’t

    fun enough for him. He also found that selling leisure

    products turned in higher profits than selling elaborate

    rugs. He named his new business “Leisureland” and his

    customers loved it.

    He couldn’t throw away his huge collection of Asian rugs,

    they were too valuable. He also sold other Asian goods at

    The Mandarin Tower, items such as rare china-ware dishes,

    paintings, a bronze coat rack and many other Asian oddities.

    He went to other rug shops in town to find out if they

    would like to take his inventory for a reduced price but

    none of them wanted or needed any new rugs. Landyn’s wife

    Rachael told him to send the rugs to their warehouse where

    they keep their classic truck collection and that she

    would hire the help needed to get the rugs over there.

    She said, “We will sell the rugs on auction sites over

    the internet.”

    Landyn heard his wife out and told her to go ahead and

    call her helpers because he wasn’t gonna lift a finger

    or break a sweat over it, so she called her helpers. They

    were to meet Landyn at The Mandarin Tower the next morning.

    Landyn directed the helpers all the way through the

    whole cleanout of the building. The effort took all day and

    the helpers were very tired at the end of it. He paid them

    well for their work and took their numbers for when he

    would need helpers again.

    The helpers left and Landyn took one final sweep of the

    empty building. There was nothing left. The building would

    need a good cleaning before he would sell it, he would

    do the cleaning himself he decided.

    He did a walkthrough of his old office to clean out the

    few remaining files and records left in there. He was

    annoyed that the paperwork for his rugs and items was

    missing. He did a double-take through his desk and file

    cabinet but turned up empty.

    Landyn let his head fall into his palm with unbelievability.

    It was a scene of exemplary disappointment. He would

    need to re-inventory everything again if he couldn’t find

    the papers.

    When he had everything he could find inside his office

    safely in a box, Landyn closed The Mandarin Tower’s

    doors for a final time and made his way to his house

    in his Mazda truck. He said to himself, “Damn, I need

    to wash my truck.” His Mazda truck really did need a wash.

    At his house he let his wife Rachael know about the missing

    paperwork, she couldn’t say where it went. He looked

    through his house office and couldn’t find it. He knew

    what he had to do, a whole entire itemization of his

    rug collection and inventory everything. That was

    gonna take some time. He resolved to do it when he

    would make photos for the web auctions.
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