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    The Architect

    Two figures strode across the desert, a long trail of molten glass in their wake.
    "Here will do?" asked one of them.
    "No, no, a little further yet," the other replied. The two figures were dressed in black robes, upon closer inspection the robes were made of hundreds and hundreds of tiny seething particles.
    "We're here," he said. He was the taller of the two, his skin was grey and wrinkled and where his eyes should have been there was roaring blue fire. They were obviously demons.
    "Shall we get on with it then?" the other asked, smoke trickling from his mouth as he spoke.
    "These things take time! Let me gather my strength..."
    "You're always gathering your strength," he muttered, flicking his tail impatiently.
    The sand beneath them suddenly glowed white hot, and begun sinking into the ground.
    "Stand back," the demon warned. The fire in his eyes had changed to a deep red, and his hands were directed at the boiling sand, energy flowing from them. The other demon quickly lent his hands to the task. In the rippling mass of molten glass and sand three figures could be seen. As the two men lowered their hands it became apparent that they were human children, around four years of age.
    "Perfect! Now it's time to leave before-"
    The ground rumbled and a massive shockwave ripped through the desert. A sound like a whip crack sung through the air and a strange man materialized into view. His entire body was shining a brilliant white, and large gleaming wings were hanging loosely at his back.
    "Stop!" his voice echoing impossibly. "You will go no further, abominations.”
    “You don’t know who your dealing with archangel,” sneered the tall demon, drawing himself up to his full height.
    The archangel chortled, “I know perfectly well who I’m dealing with, Lucifer.”
    “How dare you speak his name!” the second demon spat, his eyes blazing furiously.
    “And you must be Farian,” said the archangel, staring down at them both, smiling in amusement. “I’m afraid my lord has decided your continual interference must come to an end.”
    He drew a large gleaming broadsword from his back and twirled it around menacingly. It sparkled pure white. Lucifer and Farian reacted instantly. They drew jet-black swords from within their robes, made out of the same material. Farian launched himself into the air, velvety black wings sprouting out of his back. Lucifer rushed at the archangel with inhumane speed and the two began dueling furiously, their swords a blur of black and white.
    Farian surveyed the battle from above, his dark wings beating occasionally to keep him airborne. He pointed his sword at the desert beneath him and muttered indistinguishably. Immediately large mounds of sand rose into the air. They embraced Farian, and once again became molten glass. Farian lifted his sword and pointed, almost lazily, at the archangel. Immediately the molten glass hurtled toward him. Lucifer, seeming to know what was coming, jumped back several metres. The archangel looked up and laughed as he raised his arm toward the incoming danger. There was a loud hiss and the molten glass turned once again into sand, scattering in the wind.
    “You always were gifted with sand Farian,” the angel remarked casually.
    “And you were always gifted with stupidity archangel,” replied Farian.
    His wings disappeared and Farian plunged into the earth, emerging again behind the angel. Lucifer dropped his sword and raised his arms as Farian did the same. Beams of pure black hurtled from their hands with a crackling sound toward the angel. There was another crack followed by an explosion as the two beams collided, creating a massive molten crater in the sand. When the smoke cleared the archangel was kneeling beside the children, whispering softly and touching one with each hand.
    “Stay away from them!” shouted Lucifer as he sent another crackling beam toward the angel.
    There was another crack and the archangel appeared behind Farian. Farian moved but too late, the gleaming white sword piercing him in back, emerging from his stomach.
    “No!” screamed Lucifer.
    “I’ve seen what your doing here abomination,” said the archangel, pulling his sword out of the demon. “Quite possibly the most twisted thing yet.”
    “To a narrow minded individual such as yourself, perhaps,” replied Lucifer; the two men were circling each other slowly. “To me these children are the revolution, the freedom for my people.”
    “Your people don’t deserve freedom!” he spat. He was no longer smiling.
    “I am going to kill you now archangel,” stated Lucifer calmly. “You grievously injured my brother, and quite possibly corrupted my children. That cannot go unpunished.”
    “No demon has ever killed one such as myself, and that’s never going to change!”
    “I am not just any ordinary demon,” replied Lucifer, and he drew his sword once more from his robes.
    “We will see,” and the archangel leapt at Lucifer. It was the last thing he ever did.
    Lucifer walked over to his brother’s body, lifting him up roughly.
    “How is it brother?” asked Farian. The fire in his eyes was flickering.
    “Bad,” he replied. “I’m afraid I am going to have to take you back down.”
    “Ah I was afraid of that,” sighed Farian. “For how long?”
    Lucifer looked into his brother’s eyes, “A long time brother.”
    There was a crack and they were gone.

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    Beautiful beginning, this is the first time I read you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omferas View Post
    Beautiful beginning, this is the first time I read you.
    Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed.

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