I donít usually talk about my wealth. To talk about my own worth

is bad etiquette and in bad taste. My humanity isnít a number

on a slip of paper. I canít be measured and ranked so easily in

character or likeness. Money is essentially a number that

reflects very little of who I am. That said, this wonít be

about my wealth, this will be about my decadent mode of life.

True, one canít be a decadent individual without wealth.

Decadence is reserved exclusively for anyone who can use their

resources generously without any worry about an effect on their

bank accounts.

I will say also that my decadence may be excessive but my

attitude is socially accepted. I care greatly about the way I

appear outwardly. My limited circle of friends would agree, we

donít take kindly to decadent slobs or low-grade degenerates.

We arenít nose-in-the-air snobs either. Weíre

mind-your-own-business sort of folk. We like it high. We like

it refined. We like it done well. We like it the way we pay

for it.

ďThatís not what I payed for, send it back!Ē

Life in a never-ending decadent merry-go-round can at times

send me off in a dizzy withdrawal but I get up again when

Iím ready and go at it like Iíd always done.

I often times approach my decadent adventures without a plan.

I find that a certain amount of randomness and chance breaks

up the repetitious side of life. Whatever will feel good is

the core of my intentions. Decadence is very simple.

My decadent endeavors make my life really ten times the

amusement it would be if I werenít on the continuous search

for a good time.

I realize that I live an eccentric life that few folk get to

claim for themselves. It doesnít go to my head. Nobody ever

calls me out on my behavior. Itís not like Iím out of control

or any of that. Some would like to relate chaos or wild acts

of unbridled mindlessness essential to this mode of life but

thatís not true. Iím in no need of a keeper. I care for

myself fine.

Decadence is a very casual idea. You could say that to

intellectualize how I live when I live with such a sense of

freedom without hibitions is really reverse of the reward I

find when I live in this manner. In any matter, I love my

decadent path in life and I wonít ever leave it.

I think that a lot of folk would live how I live if they

ever had the chance. Thatís great! I would tell them to go

for it! Take yourself where you want to go.

I find the action then become a part of the action. That or

the action will find me. Itís all about the action, really.

For much of my life Iíd gone on to search out the action,

that fire. That liveliness in a group of folk wherever I am.

I will find the action anywhere. On a beach, in a bar,

at a club, at a show.

Good friends are necessary to a social life of decadence. I

canít depend on random action to fulfill my desires, that is

only part of it. A lot of times I go to an event or a private

get-together on invitation of my friends whoíve known me for

an extended period of time. I go with the current and let

my good friends direct the activities. I find that itís a

good way to meet new girls, experience new courses of

entertainment, continue my fresh outlook on life and really,

to tell you the truth, I couldnít maintain this feel good

attitude without my friends.

Itís give and take in that approach because I offer the same

in return for my friends, we all do. We watch out for

eachother and make sure we donít push ourselves over the edge.

Weíre all a lively bunch. We handle bumps in the road gently

and get through those rare briar patches with ease. We are a

close group of friends. We all know that to live like we live

can get risky at times so our little social circle continues

on as the center piece of our oh so decadent lives.

Some of us depart the social circle on occasion when new

attractions present themselves. Itís not like any of this

is mandatory. Itís not like we live on an itinerary. Itís

not like we are obligated to eachother. Some old friends

go and we make some new friends. Itís always good to

experience some variance in life.

I get inebriated often and I see a lot of girls. I would

say that I see a greater number of girls than I know dudes.

Thatís natural for someone so decadent as my time is often

unevenly divided in favor of girls.

Someone once called us ďhedoniĒ, I replied that we donít

really label our decadence and that only money permitted us

to get on with life in this manner. They said that no, anyone

could be decadent. I replied that sure, you can taste

decadence for a limited time here and there but you canít

live like this for an extended period without surplus money.

Through it all, with the parties, the women, the liquor,

the amusements, the entertainments, the wholesome intake of

generous amounts of enjoyments, all of that good uplifter

sort of deal, I donít really look in reverse and get all

spun around to reflect because Iím always on to a new

endeavor, the new adventure. My future is filled with

decadent activity and it continues unhalted.

No worries. No regrets. Only a good time. When folks look at

the life I live and how alive I appear they get inspired for

themselves to get out and get up and go. Iím always in the mood

to get it on and I wouldnít let it be any other way. For me,

thatís how life is.

Decadence is only a word and itís an idea that we donít think

about intellectually but itís a label that suits us, this

mode of life, so maybe one day when Iím gone my family and

friends will say, ďHe was so decadent.Ē