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    A Thought Currency Grid

    I was employed on the project for a full year.

    My life dramatically shifted when I was invited

    to participate. Now that I look back on those

    early days when I was so young and carefree

    I guess that none of us on the project were ready

    for what we would get ourselves into. We were

    proud and enthused to get involved and rightfully

    so because the entire project was unprecedented

    and being handpicked out of a limited group of

    "Int Primes" was definitely nothing to shrug off.

    In 2182 EQC (Electronic Quantum Computing)

    had finally reached a level of practicality

    and usefulness. The United States was soon using

    those new scientific breakthroughs in quantum physics

    for many inventions once thought too outrageous or

    too far-fetched to ever materialize.

    In small steps at that point in time onward, this new

    quantum technology was revolutionizing industry

    across all sectors of America's framework. The USA

    was cautious to hold the technology secret

    and allow it's use only with machines that could

    be closely guarded inside factories or other facilities

    not accessible to the general public. There was a great

    fear of quantum technologies falling into the

    wrong hands. The scientific breakthroughs in the USA

    weren't announced publicly and the country continued

    to quietly experiment with the technology while it watched

    the other nations of the world make little progress

    in the quantum sciences.

    As the United States silently pursued greater technological

    power through quantum science, it was uncovered that the human brain

    and all animal species with a nervous system were locked

    into an electrical grid, so-to-speak, that was connected

    like a network with electricity through the fourth dimension.

    Scientists dubbed this network the "thought currency grid."

    A race to reveal as much about EQC as humanly possible

    had begun and throughout 2182 the USA used considerable amounts

    of resources to gain that new knowledge

    before anyone else. The goal for the USA

    had become seizing the world into it's own power

    using quantum technologies under the notion that

    if America didn't jump on the chance ASAP

    to take over the world, another country would.

    In 2076 there was a huge mishap in a quantum physics laboratory

    in Ecuador that made every person and every animal with a brain

    disappear within a 72 mile radius. In reaction to the

    Ecuador Accident, the USA immediately banned all

    trial-and-error quantum experiments inside the country

    and all it's territories. The ban would remain unlifted until 2182,

    when the time came when quantum technology could be used

    with certain results.

    During that time, the USA would often pressure other countries

    to hold their experiments as well but foreign countries

    would not halt their laboratories in their greed for quantum power.

    So, to a lesser extreme, the accidents would continue

    for the greater part of the century following the Ecuador Accident.

    The horror tales of groups of people being merged

    into a single grotesque organism were frequent.

    Other issues with the experiments were that people

    would go catatonic, they’d get amnesia,

    some would descend into total utter insanity,

    some would descend into frenzied violence. A plethora

    of other brain-related illnesses were recorded.

    Some people entirely vanished, never seen again.

    Thankfully, in the time between 2076 and 2182 not one single

    quantum blunder happened on American soil as the ban was

    dutifully obeyed, although during that time the USA

    feared that our people would be inadvertently affected

    as quantum science seemed to know no bounds.

    We knew what to do with quantum technology; absolutely nothing!

    until we knew every detail about quantum science, that is.

    We learned from all of those foreign blunders while we quietly

    used benign techniques to further our quantum knowledge.

    In mid 2182 I was at the time employed in my fourth

    year as a collection scout on various projects

    within my division's Electrical Integration Unit, often

    using a handheld scanner to read frequency signatures

    in selected neighborhood groupings, then using a fabricated

    model to determine the progress within the social hierarchy

    at adapting to the increasingly energized environment.

    It was mundane work but I enjoyed it.

    Getting called on an offer for the project codenamed WIDQS

    (Warp Inversion Dimensional Quantum Science) was a Godsend

    and the rigorous process to decide what people were more fitting

    for the project only served to raise the excitement

    I felt over the whole thing.

    I was informed that anything could happen and my life

    could be risked at any time while involved with the WIDQS

    experiments. It was worth the risk to get involved

    with something so beyond the normal human

    experience. I was more nervous of being

    declined on the project than I was of participating.

    The WIDQS project went on for a full year to the minute

    that I signed the contract at 7:00pm on August 12, 2183.

    The WIDQS computer was actually the size of a building

    that appeared bare on the inside upon entering it.

    None of us who signed on to WIDQS personally knew

    anything about quantum physics, but we all had a background in science.

    The project oversight was more concerned with us

    all learning how to use WIDQS without our minds being

    distracted with technical data on how the machine worked

    or how the computer was built.

    We all signed our contracts inside of the WIDQS computer.

    That first ten minutes there were 29 of us. We were given a brief

    rudimentary summary on how to use the WIDQS computer

    right then and there at the contract signing. The experiment

    would begin when all the contracts were signed and the door

    was sealed.

    The parameters of our excursion inside the quantum

    computer were outlined with three goals:

    1. Find the limits of the technology.

    2. Learn how to teleport.

    3. Learn how to time-travel.

    We all went into the experiment with very

    little quantum science knowledge and very little assurance

    that any of us would walk out of that machine alive.

    The reward, though, beyond the experience of a lifetime

    was that upon successful completion of the WIDQS experiment

    we would be set for life. Fortune and fame awaited us

    on the other side of WIDQS.

    As you can imagine, since nobody in quantum science

    knew anything except for those few primary and

    rudimentary recently revelated certainties about using EQC,

    the dangers for us while inside the WIDQS computer

    were very real and there were casualties.

    Of those of us that entered the WIDQS computer only 20

    of us walked out virtually unharmed. In some ways it

    was like playing survivor in a whole new innovational

    way, except rather than trying to eliminate eachother,

    we had done whatever we could not to eliminate eachother

    and progress with the project as intact as we could.

    As I am contractually disallowed in revealing operational

    data on using the WIDQS computer, I can only describe my

    experiences and the experience of the other people in the WIDQS


    32 of us were selected individually on various merits

    or recommendations. There were no standardized prerequisites

    to the selection process. We were all fairly young,

    ranging from 24 to 33. There were 19 men and 13 women.

    All of us were scientists. All of us were in good health.

    Even though we fit into that frame of denominators, it

    wasn’t intentional.

    The majority of casualties happened in that first few hours

    while we were learning the fundamentals of quantum leaping.

    Three of us vanished nearly immediately. Only one would return

    of those first three at the very end of the experiment. The one

    that returned was the first to disappear. He effectively finished

    his year in less than 10 real-time minutes. None of us had even

    remembered what he looked like, but in the years following WIDQS

    he was known as “skipper” as we would tease him about never

    working hard enough. Unfortunately those other two whom

    he disappeared with never returned. It was our conclusion

    that they miscalculated their quantum leap and landed

    outside of our time frame.

    Life inside of the WIDQS computer was confusing and often

    times profound. Anything could happen and your personal power

    in using quantum science became Godly.

    We deduced that we each existed in our own realities,

    yet simultaneously we were bound together within the computer.

    There seemed a barrier between us that guided us

    alongside of eachother without intersecting. Although,

    on the other hand, as some of us had found, we could also

    do quantum leaps in groups and pairs with identical results.

    We learned a plethora of techniques for a great many effects,

    such as, but not limited to; time-travel, time-milking

    (the process to make one minute into an hour without disappearing),

    time-crunching (the process to make one hour into a minute

    without disappearing), teleporting around the WIDQS grid,

    quantum leaping a distance (connecting two locations

    together, then stepping out of one location and into

    the other location while remaining inside the WIDQS computer),

    materializing objects (this is how we fed ourselves),

    televising a historical event without physically going anywhere,

    energy fluctuating and a plethora of telepathic techniques.

    The more advanced and Godly things are top secret

    And even so are so far beyond unlearned human

    Understanding that I would need an entire book

    to explain it to you.

    Our experiences were very different and varied,

    and we all learned to do many different things. At the end

    of the WIDQS experiment we who survived agreed

    to a unanimous default that we would work together indefinitely

    to consolidate our now vast quantum knowledge

    with a follow-up project whose codename is top secret.

    One of those early goals following WIDQS

    was to piece together a full account of everything

    that happened with each of us individually.

    Out of that data was created a timeline that we rendered

    as a real-time map that showed when and where

    inside the WIDQS computer that each one of us were

    to as much of an accurate detail as our memories permitted.

    This was made easier with the use of memory enhancing drugs

    and mind to tablet translation technologies.

    WIDQS was a highly risky affair as it was formed

    on breakthroughs made in 2182 before the EQC technology

    even evolved a single generation. It was considered

    that waiting until further breakthroughs

    were made was wiser but on the same token,

    knowing the power of quantum science, it was equally

    risky to let there be a chance for another country

    to beat the USA to the holy grail of quantum science.

    The 100 year ban was deemed cautious enough

    and that America needn’t stifle our scientists

    any further with overprotective measures. The confidence

    that our control over quantum science was unequalled

    was enough assurance that to continue with an experiment

    as dangerous as WIDQS was feasible and could be done.

    It was also thought that using EQC had it’s limits

    as an external tool or as an adaption to already

    existing technology.

    Project WIDQS and our follow-up project

    culled such a great amount of useful knowledge

    on quantum science that the resulting inventions

    and innovations secured the United States

    as the unprecedented dominant force on Earth.

    America successfully seized control over the entire planet

    without needing to resort to war level violence

    of any kind.

    Our research led us to the fact that all life

    with a brain-driven consciousness was connected

    to an electrical powered grid that functioned as the segue

    between our physical world and the magnificent fourth

    dimension. That attachment of our bodies with the fourth dimension

    quantum function on what we called a “grid” for lack of

    better terminology was then used to assist the USA

    make the greatest planetary conquest in human history.

    Countries readily gave in without a fight and obliged

    America’s demands. The new America set forth new parameters

    for civilization that so efficiently and effectively

    improved the quality of life that near the end of the conquest,

    countries practically begged to get dissolved into the global

    American empire.

    WIDQS and the follow-up project continued on as top secret

    until 2194 when America had successfully conquered enough

    of the globe that it was deemed no longer a security

    threat to reveal the project that made the conquest

    at all possible.

    Those of us who did WIDQS in 2183-2184 became famous quickly

    and were immediately the center focus of all the world’s

    scientists as they hungered for information about quantum

    science. Dramatizations that depicted our personal stories

    were acted out and we were paid royalties on the shows

    that were made about us. There were thousands of interviews,

    thousands of phone calls, thousands of maniacal fanatics

    trying to get close to all of us, it was such a stark

    contrast to our relative anonymity in the public eye

    that some of us didn’t take it very well.

    Being that we were all employed under government contract

    and that we really were a top priority, the overwhelming

    blitz was easily staved off and those of us who declined

    to subject ourselves to further public hype

    were without difficulty hidden away out of view and out of

    harm. I, myself, enjoyed the public worship and I welcomed

    all the wealth they were willing to pay in exchange for my stories

    of inside the WIDQS computer. The amount of money

    I made off of interviews and dramatizations surpassed

    the hefty government salary I was paid.

    I recited an approved account of my quantum adventures inside WIDQS

    as not all of what I’d done was safe to reveal without

    jeopardizing our unequalled dominance of the planet. I told the story

    repeatedly and although I really tired of repeating it I was good

    enough at hiding that displeasure to give an enthused interview

    each and every time. This only served to increase my interview load

    but I didn’t take it too hard because I was paid and they genuinely

    wanted to hear the story again and again and again.

    What made my account of WIDQS special was that I’d time-traveled

    to the distant future of Earth during a time of peaceful contact

    with an extra-terrestrial alien species. I’d become quite famous

    in that far-flung future and was honored to join the aliens

    in a quantum leap to their planet. I was treated quite well in

    the care of both the aliens and the future peoples of the Earth.

    That single quantum leap lasted for a full six of the ten real-time

    months that I lived inside of WIDQS and is the only account out of

    any of the WIDQS scientists of unearthly intelligent life. What’s more

    fascinating for those that listen to the story was that I made a

    quantum leap inside of a quantum leap when I traveled to the alien

    planet in their quantum star-craft. Not only were our own scientists

    perplexed at this account, all scientists were fascinated and perplexed

    with it. Of course, not all the details were released publicly,

    but there was enough there to give a good idea about some of it.

    One woman became Empress in her own right when she time-traveled

    to early Rome and used her advanced scientific knowledge

    to dazzle the people of that time who saw her beauty

    and her great knowledge as Godly. She lived several years

    like so, changing the quality of time to allow her more

    real-time than the one year limit of WIDQS permitted. She

    became quite famous as well with her highly detailed

    account of ancient Roman life and her ability to fill in

    historical details that were lost millennia ago.

    The most famous of all of us was the man who amazingly

    lived 39 real-time years inside the WIDQS computer. During

    my own experience his path and mine would cross numerous

    times wherein we would correlate each other’s experiences.

    He caught on quickly to quantum mechanics, very content

    with using up half of his life inside of a year

    and I quote him as saying, “I found utopia in an hourglass.”

    He had, in fact, been so adept at quantum mechanics

    that so quickly, like God himself, he was able to enter the

    separate realities of any one of us in the WIDQS

    machine. It was deemed that he has passed merely using WIDQS,

    somehow tapping into the hard-drive of the computer

    and gaining personal control over it. He would become more famous

    than any of us with all the experiences he could remember

    and his quantum leaping skills.

    Project WIDQS paved the way for the future of humankind

    and set the trend for the next millennia of human technology.

    It was the experience of a lifetime and I would

    do it again in a heartbeat if ever given the chance to.

    Every Shout In A Tornado
    Suzie's Sizzlin' Summer
    Abode Obsession
    Risen Entity
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