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Thread: Help! Truant by Neville Giuseppi

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    The Truant

    A merry lad with twinkling eyes
    He steals away from school,
    A shameless truant lured by cries
    That come from glade and pool.

    A dozen noisy boys - a gay
    And lively company -
    There in the water splash and play
    In wholesome boyish glee.

    He dares to join that wayward band,
    Their school was the open sky,
    Whose lessons they can understand
    While clouds go sailing by.

    And now they venture through the woods
    With whispered speech and signs,
    Their quest the tiny nested broods
    That hide among the vines.

    They know the voice of every bird
    That trills from tree to tree
    Where all day through the notes are heard
    Of semp or keskidee

    One silent lad whose troubled eyes
    Confess the truant past
    At evening hugs the treasured prize
    And homeward creeps at last.

    Neville Giuseppi

    1. What does twinkling eyes suggest?
    2. What does the expression 'treasured prize' suggest?
    3.What do you think is the treasured prize?
    4. What is the message of the poem?
    5. What aspects of the boys' behaviour are presented in the poem?
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    I'm afraid we don't do others' homework for them, though you're welcome to post your own answers for feedback.
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