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    Risen Entity

    I waited a long time for this day

    when all my projects were finished

    and our town could be ready to face

    that spirit we only know as the


    Now that I created a weapon that

    can end the "Entity", I am now

    handing this over to you, as you

    are one of a few people in our town

    with a physical and mental

    endurance great enough to overcome

    the "Entity." Before I hand this

    sacred item of advanced technology

    to you, I will once more tell you

    the Tale of the Risen Entity so

    your mind can hold a fresh vision

    of what you will face. You've not

    seen the "Entity" but I'd seen

    the "Entity" and I can assure you,

    the "Entity" is a fierce spirit.

    The "Entity" had risen out of a cave

    near the mines. All the miners had

    to abandon the mines because a few

    of the miners died. A few survivors

    saw it in the shadows of the mines,

    describing the "Entity" as the

    heighth of two men and the width of

    two bears. They said the "Entity"

    could dissolve into the mine walls

    like oil dissolves into dirt. A

    residue was left behind that they

    could not account for.

    They said the "Entity" was brutal,

    tearing miners in two with one

    swipe of hidden hands.

    This was the tale told me when I

    was a young boy and I couldn't

    believe it. Then one day, when you

    were a young boy, the "Entity"

    attacked our town and killed

    hundreds of people.

    I saw the "Entity" with my own

    eyes, ugly and animal-like, of a

    great size exactly as the miners

    described in their account.

    The "Entity" had random tufts of

    hair and fur all over his body and

    long teeth that his mouth couldn't

    contain. The "Entity" drooled and

    sputtered with a short breath like

    there was ooze in his throat.

    The "Entity" had no eyes, but a

    group of horns across the forehead

    and face where eyes should be.

    The "Entity" ran with the speed of

    a horse and I watched him throw men

    onto rooftops and throw them into

    trees. I was cautious, finding

    safety for my family in our barn

    and I held my ground at a barn

    door as I watched the "Entity"

    terrorize the town. Anyone who ran

    my way I hid them away in our barn.

    Now, the time is here for you to

    kill the "Entity" and here is the

    weapon that we finally can say will

    definitely tear the "Entity" apart.

    Now go on, fierce warrior, and save

    our town from further suffering.


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    Suzie's Sizzlin' Summer

    Abode Obsession
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    Whatever the entity is seems something you don't want to mess with. This piece kind of told us everything in the form of a poem. If that was the intention, it was nice.

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