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    Suzie's Sizzlin' Summer

    Suzie was a pretty girl who lived in Manhattan Beach. She had a job

    at a boutique in Beverly Hills and she would make the long drive to

    work and back four days a week. She had some close friends who she

    would confide in and hang out with often. They would get together

    and go shopping or gossip or doll themselves up before they would

    go out for a good time.

    One weekend her parents went on holiday and left the house to Suzie

    for the time they were away. She was happy to oblige because her

    apartment was small and she missed her home that she lived in for

    the majority of her life. Plus, that meant she could throw a sizeable

    pool party and she hadn't done that for a few years, ever since

    before she moved out of the house and on her own.

    Her parents advised her to not let the party get out of hand because

    the time before this one a lot of house items were broken and one of

    the pets disappeared. She promised she would make sure the party would

    be held under control.

    So she planned the party carefully and made sure to invite many of

    her friends she hadn't seen for a long time. She told all her girl

    friends to invite boys and that she needed a good DJ with a PA to make

    her party hot. Someone recommended DJ Kick-A-Skunk, a local favorite.

    She chose to use him according to recommendation. He was a friendly

    acquaintance and he signed on for an affordable price for her. She

    had more than 100 friends invited to her party but she expected more

    that 160 to show up. She then hired a crew to help her prepare the party

    and protect her parents' house and the invited from harm. Once

    everything was planned and her whole party was good to go, she was

    very excited.

    It had been a full two years for her at her boutique job and many of her

    friends were in their own working lives like her. This party was exactly

    what she and many of her friends needed. She always imagined she would

    be married at this time in her life but things hadn't worked out that

    way for her.

    She broke up with her boyfriend three months ago because he didn't want

    to have kids. She was hurt over the break-up as her ex was her high

    school sweet-heart so she wouldn't know where to begin about getting a

    new boyfriend. She felt like a flamingo without feathers.

    Well, the party went as planned when her parents left. She was happy

    to see many of the people she fell out of contact with over the previous

    few years. DJ Kick-A-Skunk was a rad DJ exactly like he was rumored he

    was. Turnout was high with over 100 people showing up. The party that

    weekend was more popular than all Suzie's previous parties.

    She scored her new boyfriend at the party. His name was Sid and he was

    peculiar in some elusive way. She couldn't put her finger on it but she

    knew he was different than other boys. He would say puzzling things that

    made no sense, but he was exceptionally charming and had a glow about

    him that was ethereal.

    He said he was born on an island in the Atlantic Ocean that blew up and

    is now submerged. She thought he was telling her little white lies to get

    her to laugh and that was part of his charm.

    He had a vibrant livelihood in his attitude that never seemed to taper or

    fade. He said he was her own age and he certainly appeared so but he seemed

    so intuitively profound she felt like she was falling in love with a perfect

    character out of a movie.

    They would date continuously for months following her house party. Time

    with him was a dream, a thing out of a long ago play that sang in the hearts

    of an audience but was never acted twice.

    Suzie found herself deep inside a cloak of Sid's affections. A cloak that

    made the world vanish. It came to a point that she could see only him and

    think only of him. She was in a love that was greater than any she

    had felt before.

    She would begin to not notice his peculiarities even as he would show himself

    more and more unconventional and more alien with what he would say and what

    he would do. It was like she was hypnotized. Soon it was in her own mind

    that it was only her and only him.

    One day she was sipping on a smoothy with some girl friends at a bar and grill

    in Manhattan Beach when her obvious mental conundrum was pointed out in


    Her friend Alyssa said, "You know what, your boyfriend Sid says really messed

    up things and you act like you know what he's saying. He's like... uh...

    out of a fairy tale. I think he's all act and no boy. I think you're a fool."

    Her friend Lola added, "Yeah, and you do everything Sid tells you.

    What's wrong with you? Are you a slave or whatever?"

    Alyssa then added, "And you know what, you never ever ever go out

    with him in the daytime. What is he, like a vampire or whatever?"

    Both Lola and Alyssa laughed at Suzie. Suzie didn't say anything;

    she would only sip on her smoothy, thinking about Sid.

    Then one day Suzie had awoken in the early hours at her apartment

    before dawn arrived. Screams alerted her outside her sixth floor

    window. She ran over to see what the problem was then nearly choked

    on her own breath at what she saw.

    The sky was a swirling orange and hazy green. The moon sparkled like

    champagne and she could see a face in it, scrunching and smiling

    alternately in an eternal pattern of duality. The grass of the parkway

    that ran next to her apartment building blurred and shook up and

    down like the motion of a salt shaker captured on film then

    digitalized through a bad satellite connection.

    People fled in horror while chrome-colored centaurs chased them like

    animated paper cutouts. The centaurs couldn't catch them but they would

    chase them endlessly as they screamed and fled endlessly.

    Suzie's heart beat skyrocketed. She thought her brain finally turned

    to scramble. All the colors were wrong and time... time didn't feel

    like it moved. In fact, she felt a harbinger of internal free-fall

    like an astronaut in low orbit space.

    "What is happening?" Suzie said.

    "Don't you worry." Replied her boyfriend Sid, "I'm right here."

    Surprised at Sid's sudden appearance in her apartment bedroom,

    she turned around quickly to find Sid at her door. "Sid?"

    She said, "Is that really you?"

    Sid replied, "Yes, I am really here. I am holding you right now in my

    ever-loving arms. I never want to let you go, Suzie.

    You mean that much to me."

    Suzie said, "I don't know what you mean. You aren't even touching me."

    Sid replied, "Yes. I am holding you. You are sleeping. I am not. I have a power to

    see you in your dreams. This right here is a fabrication of my own mind. You see,

    outside your window is a scene from my memory. That was Europe in 1461 when the

    town was hallucinating under the power of rotted bread. For you see, it was that

    day when I made the transition out of mortal man and into my present immortal

    form. You are special, Suzie, and I love you all that I can reach so far as my

    heart can go. And now, now I hold you with a deep love and see upon your beauty

    and wish that I could have you for all eternity. But you need to be as I am,

    immortal. I can make you immortal like I am, Suzie. I truly can. But you need to

    give yourself willfully and swear that you'll be mine until the Earth is no more.

    Now, though, only now, in this moment of time, can I offer you eternal life with

    you in my love. To forever love and cherish with all our heart's content. For if

    you say no, I will leave you right here, sleeping in peace. And tomorrow you will

    awaken alone and I will never return. You see, Suzie, I only can obey the calendar

    of the ancients who had made binding calculations on myself and all the immortals

    who are like me as a limit on our power. I can only ask you once and I can only

    ask you now. So, Suzie, what do you say? Would you like to live forever with me?

    Difnah Wittoon Dolndmih Yins Moza Cordelig Sno Tethis Oixlys Mesif Roim Temtata

    Ynx's, Buis Dirhant Teofte Sotam Noltlis Celaiood Whans Dolm Micshiw Lyltrun Clet

    Queco Toncrend Rauto Hird Teth Gruet Solashem Toclec Romf."


    Every Shout In A Tornado"]
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