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Thread: What is going on here? The two men and the car

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    What is going on here? The two men and the car

    Another of my random imagination stretching games involving strange scenarios that recently happened.

    Here is the scenario
    It is late at night/early hours of the morning. It's dark outside. You just happen to look out of your window to see a car stopped in the middle of the street flashing its hazard lights. As if on cue two men standing on opposite sides of the street get into the back of the car and then it drives away.

    So the question I put to you is this

    What is going on here?

    The logical and boring answer is that they were just waiting for a friend to pick them up and just happen to live on opposite sides of the street. Can anyone come up with a more fun and/or interesting answer?
    Answers do not need to be grounded in any kind of reality and you can just let your imagination run as wild as you like.
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    They were catching up wth a run-away car. . . finally caught up to it and stunned it with a miniature EMP device, and then got in to take it back to the car farm. .

    Why had the car run away, and what was the car farm about?

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    The car ran away because of a pressing need on its accelerator. The car farm is where the elderly cars are either put out to pasture or restored to new life.

    Does a car have life? Explain.
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