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    A Landlord Tale

    John is a smart cat. He got his inheritance when he was twenty-four.

    At $100,000.00 he could've blown the whole sum on an awesome party in

    the Caribbean like an extra long Spring break. That's what many dudes

    would do but John wasn't ready to trade in this once in a lifetime

    chance to turn his money into more money for a finite shot at the high

    life. A $100,000.00 is a lot of dough. If he sucked it through the

    drain like that he would never get a second chance at a free chunk of

    dough again.

    John was already well off for his young age when the family attorneys

    cut him the promised check. He went to college. He worked hard. He

    partied hard. He used his money well on good investments that paid

    off. It wasn't like he was hard up for some liquid cheese or was

    craving a new toy. He wouldn't throw a nickel of his inheritance away.

    The new heap of dough hadn't affected anything at all in his private


    Once he had his inheritance in the bank he went on an adventure around

    town to find a house in his price bracket. He aimlessly explored parts

    of town he had never been to before. A $100,000.00 inheritance

    couldn't buy much in the way of freshly built modern housing and John

    knew that.

    He went driving through the older neighborhoods. He needed a house he

    could pay for entirely with his inheritance. A house in a good

    location. A house he could rent out to a tenant. A house that would

    conveniently pay for itself. A house that screamed, ''Buy me! I'm a


    One day in his search for his bargain house he happened upon exactly

    that desired house that he had pictured in his mind.

    On the top of a hill near the center of town he smiled when he saw it,

    the one situated on the left in a row of three. Surrounded with trees

    and thicket, the area had the appearance of being in the country but

    wasn't at all.

    The house looked long abandoned but was in great condition for it's

    age. It looked like it was erected in the WW1 era along with the other

    two on the same lot.

    A seller's sign was out front of the house in the driveway with

    ''PRIVATE SALE INQUIRE FOR PRICE'' and a phone number neatly

    handwritten on it with paint.

    John shifted his car into park and turned it off. He got out his

    wireless phone to call the number on the sign. The seller was

    energetic and excited that he called, agreeing to show him the house

    the next day. When the call was done John sat in the driveway for

    awhile, soaking in the magnificent vintage atmosphere of the


    All three houses were in great condition. The yard of the house up for

    sale was unkempt and grown over. A fresh paint job was needed, maybe

    some small repairs, but as far as he could tell it was well cared for

    when the last owners had lived there. Surely nearly every house built

    in the same era was long condemned and demolished before he was even

    born. This house must have some sort of historical value.

    Behind the picket fence, a grand old tree provided the whole yard with

    much needed shelter from the scathing sun. A single lone swing hung

    off the lowest branch, appearing so old and worn that it would surely

    snap if he would sit on it.

    John generally liked the area and the tidy appearance of the

    neighbor's yards. He was sure that with some elbow grease and a small

    construction crew he could pretty up the house enough to attract a

    renter fairly easily.

    The young man who sold him the house was a businessman with a knack

    for quick deals. He had a plethora of houses for sale under mainstream

    market value but they were profitable enough to let go of at his

    reduced rate. "Quick money," he said, "accumulated at a higher rate

    than intricate financing deals." He did all of his business deals that

    way and he suggested John should do the same.

    John was happy to take the house on the bargain deal. He paid for the

    house, taxes included, and made the repairs all with his inheritance

    and had enough leftover to leave in a savings account. He calculated

    that the house would pay for itself in fifteen years if it were rented

    at the price he set for it.

    John would make many of the small repairs on the house himself. He

    hired a painter to paint the exterior and he hired some masons to

    relay the pathway to the door and lay a sidewalk along the fence at

    the driveway. When the repairs were done the house looked great with

    all the new alterations.

    John advertised his newly restored house in all the papers with a bold

    print and a photo. Several renters contacted him right away who showed

    interested in his house. They called him within the same thirty minute

    time frame of each other the same day the advertisement hit the paper.

    Surprised at the strong and timely response, he had to call them all

    back and notify them that he would need to do a raffle to decide who

    would get to rent the house. They all agreed to participate in the

    raffle because they all really wanted it.

    John did the raffle and notified them of who was the winner. She was a

    young immigrant from Estonia with the name of Sally. A professional

    perfume saleswoman working hard to advance in her career, she would

    end up being a good tenant that never brought him issues.

    When the day came for him to show her the house and give her the lease

    to sign she brought her mother and a female friend along with her.

    John was happy to close the deal and establish himself as a landlord.

    This put him on top for once in his life and became a milestone for

    his life as a businessman and a property owner.

    Sally seemed very ordinary and professional to John and John liked

    that. When the lease was signed and he handed her a house key they were

    at the newly restored house on the sidewalk that he had the masons

    build for him.

    An odd thing occurred at that second when she took the key that

    accentuated an otherwise perfect day with a hint of the abnormal.

    A cat hissed.

    None of them were aware of any cat and in fact, John hadn't seen any

    animals, domesticated or not, the whole time since he got involved

    with the house. The hissing surprised them and they all looked around

    for where the cat was.

    A second cat hissed. The second hiss came as they realized the initial

    hissing cat was hiding in the low lying flower bed that clung to the

    inside of the picket fence. The second cat was beyond it on the swing

    that hung off the old tree in the yard.

    A third cat hissed. They quickly saw where the sound was, seeing a

    flustered cat on the doorstep, it's tail stuck out, it's hair raised

    on it's back and it was looking right at them.

    Then as surprisingly as they hissed, they all made a run for the

    backyard around the left side of the house.

    Sally's mother touched her forehead with the back of her hand and

    said, ''My, my. That made me dizzy.''

    Sally slid the house key into her purse then asked John, ''Are those

    your cats?''

    John replied, ''No. I never saw them before. Maybe they belong to a

    neighbor. I will look into it tomorrow. I wonder why they were


    Sally's friend shrugged and said, ''Cats can be curious, they act

    squirrely every now and again.''

    ''Okay, folks,'' said John, ''It was good to meet you and I will talk

    to you again, Sally. Enjoy the house. If there's anything you need go

    ahead and give me a call.''

    John wouldn't talk to Sally again for quite some time. She always paid

    her lease. John would go about his life as usual, letting the rent she

    would pay accumulate in a bank account without using it. Owning a

    house was great and he was happy to have made the investment.

    Then one day, John was at his bachelor pad with his girlfriend Layla,

    preparing to go out for the evening. On their way out the door, John

    checked his answering machine to find a distressing message left on

    it. It was Sally.

    ''Hello? Are you there Mr. Michaels? Uhh... I don't know how to tell

    you this. It... it's probably a lot better if you came to the house

    and see for yourself! Should I call the emergency people?! I really

    don't know what to do. You must come to the house to know what I'm

    upset about! I'm waiting for my boyfriend to show up. So don't worry,

    I'm going to be alright. But your house! I don't think your house is

    alright. No, not at all! If you could call me back as soon as you get

    this, please do. Thank you Mr. Michaels.''

    John and Layla looked at each other silently for a second. Layla said,

    ''Who is that?''

    John replied, ''That's Sally. I rent my house to her. She's never

    called me before. I'm curious as to why she is so worked up.''

    Layla said, ''Well, she seems very upset about the house.''

    John replied, ''Yeah, it seems so. I will go ahead and call her then

    we'll go out.''

    Layla crossed her arms and bit her lower lip while John snatched up

    his house phone and pressed a speed dial button labeled, ''SALLY''.

    There was a disconnected dial tone on the line. John had a perplexed

    look on his face and told Layla, ''Huh. Disconnected.''

    Layla said, ''Maybe we should call the emergency people. This could be

    serious. She could be in danger.''

    John replied, ''She said in her message that she was waiting for her

    boyfriend. The message was recorded four hours ago. I don't know.

    Maybe we should go check it out ourselves before we involve the

    emergency people.''

    Layla said, ''Okay, let's do that. I want to see your house anyway.''

    John said, ''Let's go then.'' He winked at her and nibbled on her neck

    playfully. She giggled. They left his bachelor pad together for his


    - - - - - -

    A car and a truck were in the driveway at the house. John assumed that

    they were Sally's and her boyfriend's. The neighbors were gone, their

    driveways empty.

    John and Layla sat there silently for awhile, looking at the house.

    Neon light was emanating and pulsing through the windows, lighting up

    the thin white curtains and glowing through.

    Layla said, "That glow is unreal."

    John dialed sally on his wireless phone and got a disconnected signal

    for a second time. He said to Layla, "Well, should we go in there?

    What do you think?"

    Layla replied, "I don't know, but it's all so hypnotizing, look!"

    John looked up at the house and felt a deep resonance like the dim and

    grumbling whirr or a motorboat engine sounds to scuba-divers. The

    pulsing glow through the windows seemed to work in synchronicity with

    the resonance. John could hear the yearning of a nether voice call to


    John took Layla's hand and squeezed it lightly. "We will go." He said

    with a lifeless monotone character to his words. Layla locked eyes

    with him and said in the same monotone lifeless demeanor, "Yes. We

    will go."

    They slowly got out of the car together then reunited, holding hands,

    at the end of the newly laid walkway to the main entrance of the


    The walkway was pieced together with thick slate like a stain glass

    window and held together with fine cement in the cracks.

    As John and Layla walked toward the house their feet would noticeably

    sink into the slated walkway like they were walking on heavy duty

    gelatin. They didn't seem to care though, as they were mindlessly

    vacant in the head, nearing the house like wandering scarecrows.

    Sally burst out of the house before John and Layla could reach it. She

    was screaming, "Run! Run!" John and Layla hadn't seemed to care as she

    ran past them. She quit running and screamed, "What are you doing! You

    have to run! C'mon!" John and Layla continued walking toward the house

    without pause.

    Sally ran over to John then shook him hard on his shoulder, yelling,

    "What's the matter with you!"

    John nodded out of his stupor and was visibly confused. "Wh- where am

    I?" He asked.

    Sally quickly shook Layla out of her daydream and said, "There's no

    time to explain, c'mon, let's go! Like, right now!"

    At that second, Sally's boyfriend came dashing out of the house but he

    wasn't alright at all. His clothes were tattered as though he were in

    a monumental fight. His face was puffed up and covered with deep lines

    and he grimaced like a gargoyle. He growled like a wild beast and

    snarled inhumanly.

    "See!" Shouted Sally, "He's out of his mind! Let's go! The three of

    them took off down the walkway to the car and got in hurriedly.

    "Lock the doors!" John yelled as he turned over the ignition. The

    engine fired up and as he drove away Sally's deranged boyfriend came

    running along the driveway after them but he never reached them.

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    The story has been a very long, and I'd read some story of you ,it is the most beautiful , thank you and you are always wonderful.

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