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    Will's Corvette

    It was 1987 and Will got his somewhat used corvette at a car lot

    in the next town over. Bright yellow and red, his corvette was an

    eyeful and when he revved that engine up he could feel the power

    surge through him as he clenched the wheel. He went home in his

    corvette, going the highway route that connected that town with

    his own town. He went hard, gaining a feel for how the corvette

    handled and he adapted very quick. She was a smooth drive. Will

    couldn't feel any greater for a young man of his age. His hard

    work payed off and he felt like he really made his parents proud

    when he parked it in their driveway to show it off.

    One day later he went and got his girlfriend Delilah for dinner

    and a movie. It was Saturday night at the drive-in. She loved his

    corvette. She loved it a lot. She would hug him tight when he put

    pressure on the accelerator. She would give him a badgirl look

    when he would use a few swervy maneuvers through traffic to get

    ahead. They couldn't remember half of it if you asked them about it.

    But through all their intimate bonding it was what happened on

    their way home that would leave an ever bolder impression on their

    memories of that night.

    They lived in a medium size town of around 60,000 people. Their

    only drive-in was on the east side of town while Delilah's house

    was on the west side of town. The freeway went through the

    southern part of town while not far north of it on was the

    unsettled wooded area with some rough dirt roads cutting through

    it. There were no houses there and no powerlines there for a good

    ten miles. It was public land. A good area to hike through or go

    out to and get a taste of nature.

    Well, as Will exited the drive-in lot in his corvette with his

    beautiful girlfriend Delilah in the passenger seat he decided to

    change the plans for the trip home.

    He said to her, "Hey Delilah, you want to go through the woods and

    skip the freeway altogether? It'll only be an extra fifteen

    minutes. You see?" Will looked up through the windshield with his

    eyebrows raised, "It's nearly a full moon. You might think it's


    Delilah hesitated for a second then said, "Okay, let's go. You

    should turn the radio on."

    "Sure thing." Will said, smooching her on the cheek. The radio was

    very clear and got great reception. Tuning in to a rock channel

    playing a countdown of the days top hits, they both smiled when he

    revved up the engine and the corvette roared.

    "Are you ready, sketti?" Will asked Delilah.

    "Yes!" She smiled and winked.

    "Here we go!" He announced as he shifted into gear, skidding the

    rear wheels through the gravel.

    It wasn't but a few minutes when they reached the wooded road.

    Will briefly paused at the end of the old dirt road to look

    around. He hadn't been out this way for a long time. This time

    though, he was at the wheel, and that made all the difference.

    "It's been a while since I'd gone out there." Said Will, "How

    about you?"

    "Yeah, me too." Delilah replied.

    "Hold on, it's gonna be a rough ride." Will said then hit the

    accelerator hard.

    A cloud of dirt snaked throught the air behind the corvette as

    Will cut through the woods. Small pot-holes randomly scarred the

    unkempt road, causing the corvette to dip here and there but not

    bottom out. Small tree branches and small rocks were ejected

    underneath the tires, some of them hitting the undercarriage and

    making loud noises. The road wasn't that bad.

    Will would skid around corners, the rear end of his corvette

    swinging wide and out of control. It was a lot of fun. Until

    "Will, watch out!" Delilah screamed in horror.

    A pale figure in a torn bed sheet came into view, moving nearly

    the speed of the corvette across the dirt road in front of them.

    Will hit the brakes. The corvette went sliding without traction

    and they watched the figure in bed sheets continue across the dirt

    road backwards like a moon-walking maniac.

    The car slid to a halt. Delilah was clinging onto Will's arm and


    "Where did she go?!" Yelled Delilah. The corvette was enclosed in

    a cloud of dirt and they couldn't see far enough clearly to get a

    good view of the tree line on either side of the road.

    "We didn't hit her!" Exclaimed Will, as shaken as Delilah. "There

    was no, there wasn't any smack, it's like she vanished!"

    They both looked around the car but couldn't see her. Will turned

    the radio off. The song, "Rock And Roll Will Save Your Soul" was

    playing. They sat silently far half a minute, waiting for the

    figure to reappear.

    "Okay, okay, let's go!" Said Will. He reached up to turn the

    ignition key with Delilah continuing to cling to his arm like glue

    when she abruptly screamed. Will shook with terror as the figure

    appeared outside his window.

    Her bottomless sockets swirled with grey tornados where her

    eyeballs should be. She pushed her hands through the quarter-inch

    crack in his window with a two-dimensional taffy-like

    contortionism. She glowed with a dim whitish-green and it were as

    though she muted out any background sounds as they felt a push on

    their ear drums like they were yawning.

    They were both now trembling with extreme terror. Will turned the

    key and pushed the accelerator but the engine wouldn't turn over.

    On his second try with the key the corvette rumbled into gear,

    tearing into the gravel road. Off they went again, into the road

    ahead and they never looked back.

    Several minutes later they reached civilization where the end of

    the dirt road meets a quaint neighborhood of small houses. Will

    parked his corvette in the driveway at the house on the corner. He

    held Delilah closely, rocking her in his arms, grateful they were

    now alright.

    The porch light of the house turned on and an elderly lady came

    over to the car in a housecoat and slippers. Will let go of

    Delilah to roll down his window. The elderly lady bowed enough to

    see into the corvette and said, "Howdy, you two look like you've

    seen a ghost!"

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    Hmm, I sure wasn't expecting ghost story out of this. I guess the voice didn't sound like the stereotypical aching tension in your heart leading you to believe something scary is going to happen. You did a good job of catching my attention with the car and there was a sense of intrigue, like are they going to crash or something?

    Personally, I like it. A cute story to tell around the campfire if you sprinkle in local road names or a back-story for the lady haunting them.

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