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Thread: A Flower for Georgia O'Keeffe

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    A Flower for Georgia O'Keeffe

    April in Santa Fe
    that year
    was sweating-hot
    like summer.

    Georgia was visiting
    for the weekend,
    but my garden looked
    like a landscape
    of dry blotches
    and spots of brown.

    Ram horns
    and buffalo skeletons
    and the flight of dust
    just could not match
    the symmetrical softness
    of flowers.

    But the calla lilies
    failed to bloom,
    the petunias
    were stingy with buds,
    and the black irises
    withered too soon.

    So after a long shower,
    I shaved
    and washed well,
    then moisturized it
    with the scent
    of amaryllis.

    I checked
    what I had done
    for her—
    a pink blossom.
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