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    Zora Azura Zira Azora

    It was a disconnected experience, outside of all

    familiarity. In a summary, you could say it was

    alien. All Matt could remember was his back yard and

    his grill sizzling. His back yard is of a good

    size, enough room for a family reunion. There was

    an ethereal glow, like everything was melting

    around the edges, becoming vividly bright, like a

    scorching acid of a tangy lookin' frog.

    Matt was going across the deck to the grill with the

    sliding glass door behind him when everything got

    all pizzazzy. That was all. Then he was there,

    wherever there was.

    Everything seemed numbish like Matt was sedated and

    asleep. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. His senses

    were subdued. "Where am I?" Matt said out loud,

    searching for anyone else, knowing that he was not

    alone. For some odd reason he knew someone else was


    The sky was a monotone unexciting grey. The only

    variance in color was the sun. But the sun wasn't

    as bright as usual and it was huge. Matt never

    remembered the sun that size. The air had an odd

    flavor, like damp mold. Not thick and pungent, but

    ever so faint that you barely knew it was there.

    Everything seemed slower and lighter in the sense

    of weight.

    "I don't know where we are." Said a small voice

    behind Matt. He turned around to find a woman about

    his own age looking very frightened and confused.

    Matt was confused also but not so frightened. It was

    an odd setting and very unusual in every sense but

    he couldn't see any immediate threats to their


    They were on a hill. She was up towards the high

    point of the hill while Matt was near the bottom. He

    walked towards her up the hill. The grass had a

    slippery texture but wasn't wet. It was soft, yet

    felt like firm eels beneath his feet. He hadn't

    examined the odd grass though as he was quick to

    reach the woman's side.

    She had her arms crossed as she held herself tight.

    Obviously frightened, a look of concern that

    unsettled Matt was all over her. She wore a

    patterned sleeveless shirt and a close hugging

    skirt that covered her knees.

    Matt asked her when he reached her side, "What's

    your name?"

    "Athena." She replied.

    "My name is Matt." Matt offered in return. "Can you

    tell me what this could be about?" Matt asked Athena

    while he looked with her upon the very unfamiliar

    buildings below them.

    "I don't know." Athena said, "I awoke on the hill

    then a minute later you appeared out of thin air.

    Suddenly, a space ship disc went flying over us."

    "Everything here seems off, doesn't it?" Matt said

    to Athena.

    Athena replied, "Yes, I know what you mean."

    "I'm thinking our best chances are going into that

    town, would you like to go there with me?" Matt

    asked her.

    "Yes, that would be okay." Athena replied.

    Matt and Athena went down the hill together towards

    the buildings. The buildings had no trim on them or

    any windows that they could see. They appeared as

    though there were no entrances or numbers on them.

    The yards contained the same odd grass that was on

    the hill, but no path to them. The roads had no

    paint on them and were made of some unknown

    material formed into perfectly fitted cubes. It

    were as though they were not in a town so much

    because nothing of the convential things that

    consist of a town where they were from were in this

    alien area.

    They saw nothing of note for a good ten minutes.

    On a main road they were surprised to see very

    alien people riding on floating vehicles that

    looked more like thick platforms with chairs on

    them than a car.

    The people themselves had a thin patch of brown

    hair on the top of their oblong heads. Their eyes

    were hypnotizing as they had three of them. One

    eye in the center of their foreheads and two

    farther apart, nearly on their temples. They had no

    ears so far as Matt and Athena could tell and their

    limbs were much longer than a human's limbs. Same

    with their fingers. They had extra long fingers.

    Their mouths were wide and their noses flat and

    square looking.

    There were no trees or wild animals. There was a

    very real feeling of emptiness.

    Matt and Athena watched the mediocre traffic for a

    while, in shock about the unhuman appearance of

    these people. Their vehicles made no sound.

    "Oh, I'm scared." Said Athena, hugging Matt for a

    sense of protection. Matt put his arm around her

    shoulder and squeezed then said, "Don't worry, I

    won't let these aliens hurt you. Our main priority

    should be finding someone we can call a friend to

    help us get out of here or find safety."

    There were no crosswalks or lights at the

    intersection. All the cars appeared powered and

    guided with their own automatic programming. The

    aliens would turn their heads to look at Matt and

    Athena as their cars floated along.

    "See that building up there on the road a ways?"

    Matt told Athena, "The one with an extra cube on the


    Athena nodded silently.

    "It's the only building with a different feature to

    it to set it apart. I'm willing to put my money on

    that's some sort of town center or some other

    governing area. Let's go over there." Matt told


    "Okay, let's go Matt." Athena replied.

    They waited for a chance to cross the now busy road

    then made their way over to the building with the

    cube on top of it. They were surprised to see

    aliens walking into and out of the building through

    the walls.

    There were no doors. They would simply vanish and

    appear in random points along the outside wall. The

    building itself was fairly huge, covering a great

    area. Matt guessed it would take a good ten minutes

    to go around the entire building.

    "Should we try going in there like those people?"

    Athena asked.

    Matt replied, "Yes. Let's try it. There's gotta be

    someone in there that can help us."

    They went to the building. Matt went through the

    wall with Athena following close behind him.

    Inside the aliens would line themselves at several

    terminals to have turns at sitting at a cubicle

    type contraption. On the table top of each cubicle

    was a clear cube that would appear to light up with

    video that each alien would watch for a few minutes

    before getting up then entering one of four halls

    beyond the line of cubicles. At the center of the

    room between halls two and three was a desk with an

    alien sitting at it.

    Matt said to Athena, "There, the one at the desk.

    Let's go see him. He should know." Matt took

    Athena's hand and they went over to the alien at

    the desk.

    The alien said, "Suit the prime terminal before

    entering the Narbun room." Without thinking. Then

    he noticed how different Matt and Athena looked.

    "What are your parameters upon this visit? Has the

    Prime Intelligence sent you on Order?" He said.

    "No. I am Matt and she is Athena, we need help. We

    are not of this world." said Matt.

    The alien at the desk replied, "I will consult the

    Prime Inquisitor now. Do not go anywhere. If you

    move I will disintegrate you."

    Matt held Athena close and told her, "Don't you

    worry. We'll get out of this alright."

    The alien at the desk pressed a button. A minute

    later two musclebound aliens appeared out of hall

    number two. "What are the parameters of your

    request?" Said one of them to the alien at the


    "Brungle Melcte Wo Toth." Said the alien at the


    "Brungle Melcte Wo Toth." Echoed the two Prime

    Inquisitors simultaneously. They turned to face

    both Matt and Athena then told them, "Repeat these

    words: Zora Azura Zira Azora!"

    Matt and Athena looked at eachother oddly then did

    as they were told.

    "Zora Azura Zira Azora!" They said in unison.
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    A beautiful story and I read to you before the most beautiful.

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