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Thread: Should we keep it in the ground?

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    Yes, old friend, I definitely think we should. I've thought so since I was a kid - why burn up, as quickly as possible, a resource which takes millions of years to produce? On every level it would seem wise to use it sparingly. .

    When I was younger, my reasoning was simple though a bit fanciful - what if we met an interstellar threat, after we had used all of our black gold? Yes, there are alternate energies - but what is rare and nigh irreplacable - this we should preserve. . I would say this reasoning holds up rather strongly.

    Not necessarily only for that reason - but for environmental reasons, as the article mentions. . Here in Oklahoma we are experiencing this fact. . fracking has caused a huge spike in tremors and quakes.

    "The anger is palpable," said John Wood, a member of the city council in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a small city near the epicenter of a 4.3 magnitude quake that struck in mid-July, one of seven earthquakes that hit in the state in a two-day period. "Our bread and butter is oil and gas, so we have been very slow to question the industry on quakes. But it's becoming a daily occurrence."

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