Peace be on you.
Believers are enjoined to keep their future in minds. For them this future is of two types; future in worldly life and future as life in Hereafter.

The future consciousness is mentioned with Taqwa [To live according to commandments of Allah] and with always remembering Him.

[ch 59: v 19] O ye who believe, exercise Taqwa (righteousness) of Allah, and let every soul look to what it sends forth for the tomorrow and exercise Taqwa of Allah. Surely Allah always knows what you do.

[ch 59: v 20] And be not be like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget themselves. It is they that are rebellious.

The understanding that God knows well what one does and God will make one accountable improves deeds.

(59:19) is read in marriage sermon. It reminds both parties to practice and care the whole process and related relations with righteousness. This and many other Islamic teachings about family life make it paradise-like if well practiced. The benefits reach to generations. The families which are hurting themselves over minor earthly issues should ponder. Next generations are not only their progenies, they are assets of Community and nation as well.

When righteousness is not practiced, future is damaged too.

Before doing something, a believer thinks about the consequence of what he or she is going to do. They believe All-Knowing and All-Aware God is watching them.

Believers should fulfill their duties well. If they do their works, crafts and labour with cheating, lethargy and without focus, their earnings will not be good in the eyes of Allah.

Thus verses of Holy Quran save believers from sins which affect worldly life and life in Hereafter, and show them path of salvation. The practice of righteousness blesses house related family matters, social matters, country and international matters. Thus religion helps to make worldly life good too.

[Based on Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifah's sermon]