A horse I lost

As a dried stalk given in fire
Nakedly comes to me an afternoon
Her few braid shadowily passed my arm
I do patiently grasped my hand
An epic comes out of my emotion
Sticking my hand to my mouth a moment
Harmfully I think something on my desire
I pick out my bucket then I drove
The street looked vacant among faint lamps
Then impatiently I heard the music
Among the trees and the road was suitable
Fear not but a free horse suddenly moved
I stooped the car and I jumped out
The horse neighed as if he knows me
Then I saw a brand on its back leg
It's mine that I lost years a go
And it comes to smell my hand
I give it water while it moves back and round
I find it amusable to play with him for a while
In that deserted place I felt passionate
Since no friend can be available
I felt that the horse is the best friend to human
Because a little can be a sincere pal
I backed up for home as fast as I can
And I built for it a new cabin as much wide
I named it a new darling name to keep emotion
Fortunately I tamed it to have a good desire