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Thread: Urgent. I need help with my ee research question. Please

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    Urgent. I need help with my ee research question. Please

    I know this is so inappropriate of me to be doing my EE at this moment but really, there is no point in talking about that.

    Okay my research question is this. "An exploration into the importance of irony in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice."

    I know this book has been overdone but I haven't see anyone done something on irony so thought i would give it a shot. Please help me out, I need a 40+ score. pleaseeeeeeee

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    Sorry, we're not a homework service. You're welcome to post your ideas here for feedback, but nobody will do your work for you.
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    Jane Austen did irony like Dan Browne does conspiracy theory. Just read the opening line of the book again.
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