You are not born alone
You are born in a complex web of relationships culture caste tradition
You come naked but chained in a thousand small invisible ways - human life is not really free
You might seem to have a constitutional freedom
but deep down you're always a prisoner
And no matter where you go you go with your shackles
They remind you that no action is ever free
totally free
You can try to reason out, to hang more paintings, to whitewash the walls and you will momentarily forget but if you fling your arms a little wider*
You will feel the resistance; you cant fling your arms
You cant take a deep breath and relax because the knowledge suffocates you
You jump from one boat to the other
But all you're doing is trying to run away*
And the more you jump the more tired you get*
But the shore never comes.*
The curtain keeps dropping and slowly the act will come to an end
Hopefully there is an end
Hope seems like such a convenience
I look out of the window and see people out on the streets
Its raining and I suffer
I feel my own existence so acutely it feels like I'm the only one alive and everything else has been put on this universe to accentuate my suffering
Sometimes when the sun shines my mind goes quiet
and my body relaxes*
But deep down in the marrow that ache continues*
I look at the sun and it burns my eyes
It is an invitation to death from a coward who knows that death is out of the question
I look away and once again push what was briefly exposed back into the dark corners of my soul.*