Otto couldn’t tell if the sun had set, or if it was still light behind the dark thick clouds which encircled the entire island of Greymound. This is the island where Otto lived – it was one of three islands which were all located evenly between one another by a distance of twenty miles. The nearest mainland was a much longer journey which many of the islands inhabitants didn’t happen to know where, or how to get too. The island of Greymound was the centrally located island between the other two islands which were known as Pinkmountain, and Bluedowns.
Otto searchingly looked out of his passengers’ window to try and work out if it was now night-time or that it did happen to still be daytime, he had no idea in the slightest. It didn’t help his determination as his dad for some reason unknown to Otto at the time was driving the car at such an unnecessary speed. His mother was in the front passenger seat and she didn’t even care about the speed that her husband was driving at. It was a strange site to see.
They were all travelling across a wet and narrow countryside road which eventually joined up with the main road that lead back to where Otto and his parents lived. They had all just visited Otto’s grandfather, who unfortunately never had much to say, he only ever cared for his fire, which he always kept a light, and which he always made sure to have amble amounts of chopped up logs and coal to see him through for the night. He didn’t care for much else. Otto knew this, and he didn’t mind that this was the way in which his grandfather spent his remaining days, he thought it was endearing to see such an old man have such a love of passion for something which rewarded an individual with much more than a warm living room. His parents didn’t think the same. They were always trying to change the way in which Otto’s grandfather lived. Always moving things around, forever telling him that he should move out of this house into a house much closer to where they lived. They almost ridiculed the poor old man as if he were a stranger, almost bullied him like he wasn’t even part of the family.
Otto continued to look out of the window and couldn’t make out much except the outline of tops of trees which were swaying in the wind alongside the road they were traveling on. A few drops of rain started to drip and splash carelessly across the outside of Otto’s window, and Otto started to count the droplets like it was some passing-of-the-time game. The game didn’t last very long as the intermittent droplets quickly turned into full on rain which covered the window within seconds.
Again, Otto was left blind without of view.
He couldn’t see anything.
So he closed his eyes and let his imagination take over, and it did; Otto started to create a vibrate and spectacularly light situation of a world within a world. His imagination quickly took him to a place where he could see again, and it was a daydream which felt so real for Otto - it was so real that he even thought that this daydream was actually happening now, as he sat in the car, resting his head against the window in the back seat of the car which was driving at incredible speeds, unnecessary speeds, whilst the wind and rain continued its onslaught from outside.