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    I can't decide if I want this character to be a villain or not. Let me know what he seems like to you. This is just a teaser. It jumps around a bit.

    A little orphan boy, about six or seven years old, ran along the side walk lit by the street lights above. He glanced over his shoulder and saw that he was still being pursued. He turned down a dark alley way and tripped on the uneven pavement causing a purplish crystal to fall out of his jacket pocket. He grabbed the crystal and huddled up close to an aluminum trash can.
    “He went this way!” he heard one of the cops yell. The boy shut his eyes and squeezed the crystal tightly wishing he could be anywhere but here. He just wanted to go!
    He sat still waiting for them to round the corner. He realized that he couldn’t hear their shouting or footsteps anymore. And the brick wall he was pressed against felt different. He opened his eyes slowly and gasped. The crystal was gone! In its place was just a purple powder. He leaned his head back against the tree in disbelief.
    Wait. Tree? The boy looked up at the leaves and branches that blocked out the sky above. He leapt up and glanced at the forest around him. This wasn’t good. He wanted to go back to the alley way. And suddenly he was. He looked up and saw two policemen a little ways past the trash can he was hiding behind earlier
    “Where did that thief go?” one of the policemen said.
    “Why are you asking me? You’re the one that said he went down this alley!” the other one screamed.
    The boy didn't want to be here either. He teleported to the other side of Valiant and ran. He was ten now and still running. This time he was being chased by a group of boys a few years older than him. The boy turned down an alley and skidded to a halt. This was a dead end. He was tired of running anyway. He looked around the alley for a weapon. He saw a rubber handle sticking out from a pile of junk. He pulled it revealing a metal rod that was the length of a man’s arm and the end came to a point.
    “There’s the little punk!” screamed one of the kids chasing him.
    The boy smiled and leapt forward with his metal rod. He was in his mid-teens now and had mastered his ability to teleport. He had also found out that his weapon was a magical artifact called a dragon rod. It was used centuries ago to train dragons.
    Electricity hissed and arced along the length of the rod as the boy teleported amongst his attackers, creating a small clap of thunder from the air rushing in to where he just was. He popped in among them tapping the dragon rod against their elbows, the electricity causing their arms to spasm and drop their bats and crow bars. He tapped them behind the knees causing them to fall flat on their faces.
    Soon there was only one enemy left. The boy, now a full grown man turned to face him. They were in a warehouse and his opponent had his back pressed against a wall of crates. The man tightened his grip on the gun that had replaced his dragon rod.
    I’ve never killed anyone before, the man thought as he raised the pistol. But, as he was once tired of running, he was now tired of fighting.
    Christopher Evans pulled the trigger.

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    It seemed to jump too quickly from the boy to the full grown man, so I don't understand how only one is left chasing him. But I kind of like that not-knowing as well. I think he could be either a villain or a hero.

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    Why write him just to fit one label or the other? Let him be whatever he is.
    You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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