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Thread: How did the author meet Daniel Lothrop?

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    How did the author meet Daniel Lothrop?

    Does anyone know if Harriet Milford Stone a/k/a Margaret Sidney knew publisher Daniel Lothrop before he purchased her first story? I am researching the children's magazine Wide Awake and know Margaret Sidney married her publisher soon after Five Little Peppers and How They Grew was published as a book. I'm trying to find out a little more about the couple before they became an official couple.

    Is there a longer biography I can read to learn more? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    I wanted to let you know that I was able to read Margaret M. Lothrop's book "The Wayside: Home of Authors", and learned how her parents met.

    If anyone is interested, Mr. Lothrop read one of "Margaret Sidney's" stories about the Pepper family, and wondered what the author was like. (Contrary to what this site's biography says, Daniel Lothrop was not Wide Awake's editor. ) He was going to New York on business and decided to stop in New Haven, Connecticut to call on her. As Harriet Milford Stone Lothrop later told her daughter, Mr. Lothrop then seemed to have business in New York every two weeks, and would always stop in New Haven to see her. I get the impression that after the first few visits Mr. Lothrop no longer felt the need to use business trips as an excuse for traveling to see his future wife.

    I believe I'm finding most of the little shreds of information available, and should soon be able to begin my article-length history of Wide Awake magazine.
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