Chap 5 (End)

“People change all the time,” Promise told him softly reaching out across the table, “I can tell you’ve changed, Aidan.”

“Then you’ll give me another chance?”

“In time perhaps,” Promise smiled, “first I need to know who you are.”

Happily, he assented and called the waiter over. “Give her whatever she wants,” he said in excitement.

After reality resettled itself in their midst they began to talk of more trivial things. “I don’t suppose you still have that cat? The one I gave you for our engagement. Her name was Alex, right?”

“It’s Alexa,” Promise corrected, “I didn’t have the heart to get rid of her. If she went to the SPCA, she might get put down.”

“Why did I ever let you go?” he asked her quietly.

She fidgeted with her drink at the familiarity and then announced, “I need my cup refilled; I’m terribly thirsty.” Thirsty…Cups… Colin! She’s promised to meet him after her meeting with Aidan; she was supposed to be at the hospital in less than ten minutes. “I can’t do that,” she murmured to herself.

“Is something wrong?”

“I promised I’d meet Colin when we were through,” she told him as she went to rise, “time got a way from me. I’m going to be so late and I’ve got to ride the bus there because my car’s in the shop… Oh, what was I thinking telling him I would be there at one o’clock!”

“I’ll take you,” he said matching her haste, “waiter, bill please!”

After hastily paying for their meal, they hurried to his car and piled in. Her jaw dropped at the model. “You drive a Porsche!”

“Working for dad pays well,” he said quickly. “Now, where are you supposed to meet him?”

“At the hospital.”

“Is he sick?”

“No, he works near there.”

“Doing what?” Aidan asked incredulously.

“He’s the coroner.”

“That is sick.”

Colin wasn’t where they had agreed to meet so Promise figured he’d gotten held up on a call. After redirecting Aidan to the Philadelphia Area coroner’s office, she slipped out of the car, thanking Aidan for driving her, and headed indoors. To her surprise, he followed. Unable to think of a polite way to excuse him, she allowed him to. A quick chat with the receptionist directed her to the right room and soon she was smiling at Colin.

Promise could tell by the frown that creased his features Colin wasn’t happy to see Aidan, what alone Aidan’s hand, anywhere about her person. She smiled sheepishly as her escort, pulling at his collar, turned green beside her and hurriedly excused himself from the theater.

Pushing the button to talk she said gently, “before you flip, let me explain.”