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    I have read this book in school and i have to say it's a phenomenon. The only thing that got me a little confused was the homosexuality of Sebastian and Antonio. It has come to my attention that many critics believe that they are homoerotic and others do not. Anyway i enjoyed the play especially when i acted it out in school and i played Antonio. I felt like i was Antonio while talking to Sebastian with such feeling.

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    Most everything depends on the direction of an individual production, really.

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    yeah, a lot of it is your personal beliefs. Many against it feel that Antonio is Christian, and true Christians cannot be gay. Others think that this is not so. You have to make up your mind based on your values, no one can tell you whether or not he is Homosexual, except perhaps Shakespeare himself. Good luck trying to get ahold of him! .
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    I agree that it does depend on the production. But I wrote a paper on suggesting that Antiono and Sebastian were lovers. It is interesting to pull the text apart and interpret for yourself what you think means this and what words Shakespeare was emphasizing. But I do agree, there is the suggestion and that is the way I saw it when we read it in my British Lit. course.
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