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Thread: This is ramble-poetry

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    This is ramble-poetry

    Is there freedom?

    What is the point if you sell your soul to be dictated by the profession you excell in?
    You say you fight your demons so that you should be safe from sin.
    You win.
    Or, so you think.
    You fight your demons to be free from constriction,
    And then are constricted by what you love.

    You despise the demons that talk of freedom.
    You love the things that pull you from your kingdom.
    Yes, there is the wisdom in the pool,
    But what is the point if breathing is so seldom?
    What you love is truly what shall rule.
    It doesn't matter where you are, you're a tool.

    You can say...
    All I do is play just to play.
    Whether it's to live another day.
    Whether it's to win the game.
    Do it because you live,
    Not because you dig and dig
    Just to find answers that are meaningless and unreal.
    Whether you think or over think or drown in a sinking sink,
    Life is only what you bring, what sings, what stings.
    Or is it?
    Who determines what is real?
    Don't you get to make the deal?
    Haven't I been given a choice?
    Or is the decision just what I feel?
    I see we are all just toys
    Controlled by our own ploys.

    So, give yourself control.
    Be the truth of the soul.
    Or does the truth come from the Divine?
    Something from your control.
    Time, oh time.

    Where does it go if you say it's fast, it's slow?
    Will it move anywhere if you go with the flow?
    Stuck in a static environment for the power to prevent.
    To say yes or no, but to live in, I shall not know.
    It stands to ascend, to descend, and still nothing.
    Does time move?
    Does it move?
    Do you move?

    You earn everything in the timeline.
    Divine power is depicted by time.
    Time, I wish it went with my mind.
    It does, if it is to find, you will find.

    Realize the lies of the eyes, give rise to size and ties, until tries and tries again implies you flies from the sin.
    So, what world do you live in?

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    I enjoyed all the "eyes" sound in the second to the last line.

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