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Thread: Please Come Back to Peace, Do Jihad of Self Reforms, No Need of Jihad with Sword Now.

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    Lightbulb Goodwishes4NewYear. Please Come to Peace, No Jihad with Sword Now, Reform Selves.

    Peace be on you.
    Recently a German journalist went to ISIS controlled area. He remained with them for sometime. “He said he reminded the fighters that most chapters of the Koran began with the words "Allah... most merciful". "I asked: Where is the mercy? I never got the real answer."
    Source: bbcDOTcom/news

    Recently 123 rd annual spiritual and moral training gathering of Ahmadiyya Muslims, called Jalsa Salana took place in Qadian, India. Originally, it started in that town then spread worldwide as progress. At places, it is not being convened due to religious opposition.

    Jalsa took place from 26-28 December 2014. In these dates, there were similar annual gatherings / Jalsas too in some other places of the world too like West Coast USA, Nigeria, Senegal etc. These annual spiritual moral Jalsas take place in various countries at various dates.

    Attendance in Qadian Jalsa, was 18000 from 37 countries. Ahmadiyya Khalifah delivered a Friday sermon on 26 December and an address on 28 December, the last day of Jalsa. Five thousand followers gathered in London UK and millions joined the address through Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (mtaDOTtv).

    Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) who started these gatherings wrote, “Do not consider this Jalsa as common human Jalsa. It is that matter which is based upon pure support by The Truth (God) and raising the word of Islam.

    His Khalifah (may Allah be his Helper) said in Jalsa that Ahmadiyya Jalsas are means for internal spiritual learning and cleansing and to tell the world and to establish the real beautiful teaching of Islam and Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). They gather to put in practice, the knowledge of true Islam.

    Ignorant clergies incite common faithful to kill innocent people on the name of Jihad and paradise. This notion is very wrong. In fact, when early Muslims were persecuted, they did not answer as they were not allowed. Later they were allowed to answer back for peace and defense. Now no one ask stops Muslims about their faith with force. Thus there is no need for such answer.

    Pay rights of Allah and rights of people and to be kind hearted, to show mutual love , humbleness and sacrifice. Remember the example of parents, they are happy with child who listens to them, serves and obeys. Practice high morals, leave low desires, show goodwill, show kindness to whole world, give precedence to faith over worldly matters, strive in the way of Allah to see His paths and keep eyes open for security. If there is some lack of System does its best but if something is felt short in arrangements of Jalsa, bear with patience. Pray for self and for each other and absorb blessings of Jalsa in the town of Promised Messiah (a.s.) where followers has come from Russia, America and Europe and other place for Jalsa. Pray for faith and to remain attached to Khilafat. May the world come under the flag of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) through his Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) – said Ahmadiyya Khalifah to Community.

    As mentioned in the beginning, a non-Muslim journalist made terrorist speechless by asking where is mercy which is teaching of their religion. Basically itt is the duty of faithful to tell the world about this beautiful teaching. True Islam does not ask for compulsion. It does not ask to kill if someone leaves Islam as it said:

    [Holy Quran 5:55] ‘O ye who believe! Whoso among you turns back from his religion, then surely Allah will bring such a people (instead of him) whom He will love and who will love Him, and who will be kind towards believers, hard and firm against disbelievers. They will strive in the cause of Allah and will not fear the reproach of a fault-finder. That is Allah’s grace; He bestows it upon whomsoever He pleases; and Allah Grants Vastness (and is) All Knowing.’

    It is clear from verse that if death was penalty for those who leave Islam, mention of fear of death if left Islam should have been mentioned instead of fear from reproach of people. This verse negates to keep someone Muslim against their choice. Those who accepts Islam by force, they do not present sacrifices.

    Islam reached in China, India and Africa through preaching by various faithful. Its teaching attracts. It is prophesied that after coming of Promised Messiah, it is obligatory upon Muslims to avoid Jihad [with sword]. Had he not come, there would have been an excuse. But he has come and they have seen day of promise therefore now those who raise sword for religion have no excuse before God the Exalted. One who understands Quran and Hadith , he can well understand that the way of Jihad of current savage like people is not Islamic Jihad but these are illicit acts due to excitement of nafse ammarah (untamed state of self which incites to evil) or due to vain desire of getting paradise, which are spread in Muslims. Ignorant clergies, may God give them guidance, have deceived common simple people very much and have declared such acts of clear oppression, mercilessness and anti-morals as key to paradise. Can it be a virtuous act that someone, whom we do not know, is walking in bazaar and we shoot him. If this is virtue then beast are more in it. Subhan Allah (Holy is Allah) how much those people were righteous and had spirit of Prophets when God commanded them in Mecca not to answer back evil even if they were cut in pieces. After getting this order they acted with humbleness and weak like infants as if they had no power in their arms…It is sad and shameful that we do not have any animosity with someone and we do not know him previously, he is buying something at shop for his children or doing some proper work and we, for no reason, fire at him with pistol and make his wife widow, his children orphans and his home a place of mourning…..This way is mentioned in which Hadith and Verse? Can any molvi (clergy) answer? Foolish have heard the name Jihad and then by this excuse they are trying to fulfill their low-self-desires.

    May they realize to get connected to Imam of age….. May we become model of beautiful teaching of Islam. May we establish love, peace, goodwill at each level.

    (Based on words of Ahmadiyya Khalifah)
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    Peace be on you and everyone. Online Books on Moral and Spiritual Reforms.

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