In the depth of the sea

I am in the seawater melted
As a corn has been drifted
I welcome you the nice figure
As much as the seas' border
In a night chat, you fired me
Between the sails, land and sea
Come in to fire me again
My soul is yearning to rain
Let me again in more passion wrapped
As far as in thy love I was kidnapped
Cast me away inside the salty water
No more and I shall be better
As one's eye and its eyelashes
Unseparated souls clear of ashes
In my poetry, I draw image after image
To be forward suiting thy prestige
O, you, who are baffled my sight!
In which tragedy am I saving flight?
You entered the passion as a thunder
How can I save then from its danger?
O, whose cheek is shiny and blonder
Where I turn around no doubt, I murder
Let me gulping a pinch of thy sorrow
Then to die in peace today or tomorrow

poem 2

The betrayal of passion

Ah, who you pained me and grieved me,
What did I want more than a friendship tree?
Here and far away, you blocked my name
Once you made me a flower hasn't stem
I am thy fellow if the blade comes down!
Wherever I go from town to another town
You are as pink rose so far I need
of a generous status of a good breed
As long as our farm has opened ears,
let me a bird gives it a shedding tears
O, who blamed me, you are in wrong
I am in this career as far as long
You who stabbed me in heart twice
Am I asked rather than a love prize?
Be patient as I am going to be died
A word of you can this passion hide
You the twig in which ever I perch on
Then you sing over my tombstone
Nevertheless, I expressed my passion,
I shall be endurable in my old fashion