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Thread: Embarking on Self-Education Journey

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    Embarking on Self-Education Journey

    I am reading The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had by Susan Wise Bauer. Bauer suggests beginning with novels, as they are the most accessible of the Great Books. Within each genre, she advises readers to work from the past toward the present in chronological order. So, I am beginning with the first novel: Don Quixote.

    I came to this forum hoping that there might be someone else willing to embark on this journey with me. I'd like someone with whom I could correspond as we support each other in educating ourselves.

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    Welcome, Stacy.

    I have always shared a philosophy of self-education somewhat similar to the one Susan Bauer would seem to suggest. I have always felt that if a novel or something is too convoluted, it's not really worth reading - and it has served me very well.

    In other words, I have always found books that are clear, elucidating, and beautifully put together to be my cup of tea - and ones that were overly-complicated just for the sake of complication to be rather not worth it.

    I can't join you in your journey because I'm focusing my studies on things like chess, poetry and so forth, these days; but there are lots of discussions about Don Quixote and probably most novels that are out there.

    Good to have you and hope you enjoy the site.

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    Stacy, indianromeo here. How's the journey? Just started Quixote, based on the same book list from Professor Bauer. Have you advanced?

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