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Thread: Two poems.

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    Two poems.

    I lust for sharing of these two poems I have created. Please, feedback will be much appreciated.

    The day when the water sparkled
    The day when the sun shone like the brightness of my heart

    That was the day when I saw the seed
    The seed that planted a new life in me

    Happiness sprouted from that seed
    A new life of wonders and joy

    Thus, the water kept flowing
    and the sun kept shining

    The seed became one within me
    Intertwined by the warmth of my heart

    Forever together it may have seemed
    Forever Loneliness and sadness has ceased

    But when the waters stopped flowing
    and the sunís light faded to darkness

    The one that I held dear the most
    Has now lost itís source to thrive

    Replayed is my depression
    Longing for love seems inevitable

    Blood spews like water from the faucet
    Rotting carcases like a decomposing rat

    Slaughtered have they been
    No longer can one save thy self

    Innards splattered like a babyís painting
    Brains turned to mush like melting plastic

    Genocide is understated
    Safety and security is overrated

    Skin ripped apart like the tearing of paper
    Limbs broken like a toothpick

    Inevitable is death
    Eternal is human suffrage.

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    Hi Bjornnesss, and welcome to the Lit Net.

    I think you might get more response if you posted this poem in the Personal Poetry section - this is the Short Story Sharing Forum.

    You can find the Personal Poetry Forum at the link below.

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