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Thread: Community Gardens

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    Community Gardens


    … Gathering places… healing spaces
    We meet, bask in the summer heat
    Modify, alter, transform, metamorphize, bring to life.

    … Centering spaces… commonplaces
    Microcosms of diversity, variety and life,
    Where flora and fauna are rife

    Self-sustaining ecosystems of verdant growth and possibility
    feeding places… nurturing spaces
    Metaphors of new beginnings
    Where we draw sustenance, uphold covenants
    And kiss the Earth!!

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    I like this! Nice and compact expression.

    I had to look up Community Gardens, in the UK these are called Allotments, local Authority plots of land freely available to residents to use for working the soil.

    Community gardens also have a historical dimension, places where families could come to supplement a low income and for their children to get some fresh air and gardening experience. In Sweden they are called koloniträdgård, and often have a tool shed on them and even a small summer house to spend a couple of nights. You can see these in google images, too.

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