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    Smile The Beard

    The beard
    Finally; after so many years of going through the daily routine of shaving I have quit.
    It all started in protest to my dear wife´s indecision as to what kind of a home she wants to become our permanent place to settle into. She is in the seemingly never ending quest for the perfect home , meanwhile I only want to grow roots, get fat ,write and paint. For her this one is too noisy, the street is too narrow, and the traffic is too heavy. No matter that she is right, I am quite content here. I don’t need more than a small studio and a place to grow a vegetable garden.
    The years of marriage have softened me, I am now and old lion with few teeth and not a lot of will power. I no longer drive a car and am content for her to be my chauffer.
    Having been there and done everything that I wanted I have little desire to travel.
    My bones are starting to ache, sexual desire has wilted away, and my chest is slowly sliding down to become integrated with my waistline. I suppose this is the lament of all old men, at least I like to think this is so.
    Anyway, back to the beard.
    It has been sprouting now for a month or so and even though it itches I am becoming quite fond of it. Especially since the other day when one of those mysterious creatures called woman said to me “Are you somebody famous” and a few days later while shopping for groceries another one gave the “Eye”. All of this sudden attention made me feels pretty good; my wife has also noticed this unusual attraction. She is taking drastic steps to see that it goes no further: For example, I am now getting coffee and breakfast served in bed. Her cooking has improved, not that it has ever been bad. It is just seems a bit better lately and for some reason, ever since the beard has blossomed I am exempt from washing dishes ,although I still remain in control of selecting the dinner wine, and setting the table.
    Life is looking rosy, now that I have joined the unmotivated herd of lazy men who no longer daily shave.

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    ''No matter that she is right, I am quite content here. I don’t need more than a small studio and a place to grow a vegetable garden.'' - Great combo! Realy great text i enjoyed it!

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    Welcome to the club Joe !

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