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Thread: As a chessboard, our universe is alike

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    As a chessboard, our universe is alike

    As a chessboard, our universe is alike
    Once moved for up, once it goes down
    When luck comes, you are the winner
    When it withdraws, you are the loser
    Life also alike having two hands of portion
    When it opposes you, it turns unbearable
    When it comes easily, it will be admirable
    In each morn the sun would shine
    Then in each evening it will decline
    Thus our fate is transitorily confined
    From cradle to grave, it is determined.
    It is as if a shadow going prolonged
    For a while then it will be retreated
    Here a newborn had given birth
    And there underground showing death
    One spends his life giving him all options
    Another suffering all days in bad conditions
    One dedicates his life for good deed
    Another for evil spurring his steed
    One in poverty toiling days and night
    Other in full luxury never fell on fright.
    As much as this one or that one in need
    Life never cares, for its wishes will proceed.
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