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Thread: The Neighbour's Pet

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    (The following is a collection of several horror stories I have written the past years. Some get a bit...Creepy and have themes of violence and murder. You have been warned)

    The Neighbour's Pet.

    When I was a little boy, I had very few friends. But my best friend at the time was also my next door neighbour. He was living alone with his father at the time, as his parents were separated. I would often visit them, and both were always happy to see me. I think that the father was a very lonely man, and I bet he would do anything for company.

    It was late October, not too far from my own birthday... I figured it would be fun to go trick or treating with my friend... Oh how wrong I was. When I came over to my friend's house they were all very quiet. They greeted me and brought me in, but they barely said anything.
    The father kept an eye on a certain door, I thought nothing of it. Upon popping the question, their gaze pierced my soul. They seemed to be against our way celebrating All Hallows Eve. I asked them why... Then they mentioned the pet downstairs. They said little about it. Only that it comes out on the 31st of October... Only on that evening.

    They asked me to stay and wait with them to greet the pet, which I assumed to be a dog or a cat. We must've waited for an hour or so, before we heard creaking from the stairs down to the basement. Heavy footsteps, clanging and clings... Not the normal sound for a dog.
    The door opened, and a tall man came out of the basement, head covered by a jester's mask. Chains and locks, holding his hands together and all you could hear from the man himself was gargling sounds, as if choking on water.

    The father walked towards the man, and unlocked his chains. The man went on to sit next to me on the couch. My friend and his father would carry out a conversation with the man, casual talk, but the man would only reply with gargling noises. I noticed that every once in a while, he would face me. The mask covering his face was directly facing me many times that night. An hour passed and the true colours were shown.

    I said that I would be leaving... When I got up, the man grabbed my hand. A forceful grip pulled me down to the couch again... And my friend did nothing... That is strangely enough where my mind goes blank. I don't remember much of that night... Only that at the end
    I felt a strange sensation... Water filling my lungs...


    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

    Red Like Roses.

    My girlfriend... She would always ask me to join her on the long walks down by the river. The walks would be plagued by her little sister, who would always follow us... She was annoying, but my girlfriend made up for it. This Halloween, she came up with the brilliant idea to go trick or treating with her. It was downright dull. I hated every last moment of it. Most of that evening is just a blur right about now...
    Have you ever woken up in an un-familliar bed, with one or more females? I did that this morning. Only strange thing was that the bed, and myself was covered in blood.

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