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Thread: Shakespeare in love

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    Post Shakespeare in love

    He writes for the vault of heaven,
    clouds and rainbows,
    He owns those beautiful balladry,
    paints words wherever he goes.
    In the victory of his love,
    he played a sinner
    the laughter that provoked it,
    he was in love with her
    her hair took it far away,
    that sublime eve he was in water
    he knew she was the one,
    in her he found his shelter
    Will was in love
    in love like never before,
    his sonnets could claim her name
    for her love shaped him a winner
    Shakespeare was in love!
    No, not for the first time
    but the times he fell in love
    were the times his rhymes made him shine.

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    I liked the idea of being in love making one's rhymes shine.

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