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Thread: Drama and literature

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    Question Drama and literature

    Hey folks! how are you? I hope so fine.

    I'm thinking about Drama as a genre. I'm reading "Drama from Ibsen to Eliot", by Raymond Williams. Do you know? So, apparently he said that a play can be good in the trial of criticism, but at the same time does not have a text literary good, I mean, a great text in the eyes of literary criticism. That makes sense to you? Did I understand what Williams meant?

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    In [1, Introduction (ii), p. 13], Raymond Williams wrote:
    “Few people see any need for literary criticism of the drama […]. It is assumed, very widely, that the value of a play has not necessarily anything to do with its literary value; it is held, and firmly asserted, that a play can quite commonly be good, without at the same time being good literature.”
    In the following pages, the statement is explained. Could you clarify what exactly you would like to discuss?

    [1] WILLIAMS, RAYMOND, Drama from Ibsen to Eliot, 3rd Impression, London, Chatto & Windus, 1961.

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