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    Merchant of Venice

    The summary, is somewhat inaccurate. Anotion does not give Bassanio 3thousands ducats. If he did, then there would be no play. Right? I think what you mean to say, is that Antonio went guarantor for the 3 thousand ducats that Shylock lent Bassanio. But shylock, instead of having his money returned, tricked Antonio into giving him "a pound of flesh' if he forfeits on the loan.

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    Shylock doesn't really trick Antonio. But the request for a pound of flesh is so ludicrous that Antonio thinks Shylock is joking. So he goes along with the joke, thinking that the Jew is being kind enough to ask no interest or penalty. My guess is that Shylock doesn't expect Antonio to agree to the bargain, but when the deal is done, he becomes obsessed with carrying it out.

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