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Thread: An Accomplished writer

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    Hello Carmilla! Enjoy A Christmas Carol. I'll be reading it too this December (as I always do). Nice to see you again!

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    I'm glad you have it and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    I've utterley forgotten what I was going to say about Pet Meagles.
    Previously JonathanB

    The more I read, the more I shall covet to read. Robert Burton The Anatomy of Melancholy Partion3, Section 1, Member 1, Subsection 1

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    Hello Pompey Bum:

    Nice to see you too!!

    Hello Jackson Richardson:

    I think I will enjoy it, yes!!

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    I'm reading his books in alphabetical order and so far I've read Barnaby Rudge, The Christmas Books, Bleak House and have started David Copperfield. I have really enjoyed them all, apart from The Chimes (one of the Christmas books) which was too confusing and dreary.
    I really cannot understand why Barnaby Rudge is one of his least favoured works. It's a great insight into a moment of history that, I confess, I'd never even heard of before - The Gordon Riots. It's also such a funny book with unforgettable characters, such as Sir John Chester, who remembers that 'thinking begets wrinkles'.
    Bleak House is also wonderful. So beautiful but gripping.

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