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    The Author
    "...the weather started to change all of a sudden, from bright day to gloomy stormy weather, and in a distance I could see a tiny ball of light lingering up and down the hillside."

    On a cloudless sunny day, I promised myself that I would eventually write a story. So I picked up my pen and paper, sat beside the table and thought about all the things I could write about. Looking out the semi opened window, I tried to come up with an idea of the wondrous stories that everyone would love to read. But every time I decided to write about something, I always hesitated or I would just lose interest in the story. After an hour of immense cogitation, I decided that it was time for a hot cup of well-brewed tea. Moments later, I thought of a brilliant topic but as soon as I picked up my pen, I didn't know how to put it down in words. So I sat down again, sipping the hot cup of tea, wishing that it would rain. "At least if it rains, I might come up with something" I told myself. But the more I thought the more I began to reminisce and I abruptly came to the conclusion that 'she never deserved my love in the first place'.

    I shook my head, “Concentrate!" I yelled at myself."You can do it!" Three hours later at noon, I decided that I needed a break off of writing. So I got up and took giant steps to the kitchen. And then it hit me, when I least expected it, a brilliant new story that no one has thought about. So I ran to my room to write it down. Immediately I picked up my pen, grabbed the paper, only to realize that the story I was going to write was about the three little pigs. So I sat down defeated, depressed and deluded. Ashamed of myself for being unable to write a simple story. And as I sat there, daydreaming, the weather started to change all of a sudden, from bright day to gloomy stormy weather, and in a distance I could see a tiny ball of light lingering up and down the hillside. I could hear a melodious chime that lightened my heart as quickly as it hit my ears. And I felt drawn to it, it was calling me. My feet began to move on its own and the next thing I remember, I was completely drenched and standing outside, in front of what looked like the weirdest looking ball of light, I’d ever seen. In a soft yet unmistakably familiar tone, it looked at me and sang:

    "In the woods of lightened yellow,
    Sleeps a wicked, evil fellow,
    One whose hand is feared by all,
    With his spite, the forest will fall.

    From you I ask but one wish,
    To slay the evil in its sleep
    Before it wakes to power to unleash
    The wrath of demons from the deep."

    Overwhelmed with feelings of fear and anguish, I stared at it blankly. And in that moment of over-crowed feelings, it began to sing again:

    “Follow the light, into the night,
    And then you shall find the way,
    Look into your heart and then you must fight,
    To save the world for a brighter day.

    Wield that sword and stab its heart
    And cut its wings apart,
    In its slumber it must bleed,
    And only then it'll concede."
    Suddenly in a fraction of a second, a warm feeling of might and power ran through my veins and in that moment, my fear was completely lost. As I raised my hand to my heart, from out of nowhere a sword appeared in my hand. A sword of magic, of shimmering white, with the blade as sharp as can be. One swing and it felt like I had cut the heavens, one swing and I could cut the wind.
    The elven wisp started chiming and disappeared for a moment and reappeared further back. I ran to it and it disappeared again and reappeared a bit further into the dark. I followed it until we reached the heart of the forest and in there lay the wing-ed monster. Swiftly with stealth, I crawled beneath the beast and chanting "yae se it-chae", I stabbed the beast through its heart and saw it growl in pain and inevitability die. With caution I turned the beast over only to realize that it was myself that lay there bleeding, dead on the ground. And as soon as I realized that it was me, I woke up sweating in my room. Overwhelmed with joy of having a brilliant new story I just dreamt of, I started to write the most incredible story anyone would ever read and so I began,
    " Ones upon a time, there were three little pigs. The first pig made..."

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    Nice idea, but you need more attention, Thanks.
    When I started writing I wrote so ..but now i write a novels and studies ..
    May God protect

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    Thanks for the feedback .. May God Protect you too..

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    The land of green of patterned spring
    That flows across the isle,
    Of stiffen trees and singing doves
    That make the roses smile.

    Amidst those roses painted red
    A flower blooms of white
    As though it knows not differences
    It dances day and night.

    The rose so white, so different and yet
    It smiles to blinding eyes,
    And those that despise, mock and scorn
    Their curses are ever lorn.

    Yet it doth sing and dance, for it
    Knows life is short and frail .
    No curse or gestures of hate and despair
    Can wither its flowery tale.

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    It is Very beautiful and perfect

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    The Wish-ing Tree
    Eons before, when the moon was closest to the earth, every soul was granted an eternal wish. With the condition that each wish had to be unique, so it was almost impossible to think of a wish that hadn't been wished before.
    Many a man had perished without having a wish fulfilled, for their desires were the desires of many. Yet soon this gift inevitably became a curse and people started giving up on their wishes.
    But there was one humble man who sought for a higher sense of truth and he vowed to himself to use his wish no matter the consequences. While men sought to violence and greed, he cherished peace and prosperity.
    And so, on a bless-ed day he journeyed to the eternal tree of wisdom to make his wish. "Great one!" he exclaimed. "I wish but a simple wish. My wish to world peace." Ablaze the old eternal tree and it spoke, "Wish granted."
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