I studied a little bit of poetry in high school and I kept a copy of a particular poem that used to move me to tears.

But over the years I have managed to lose it.

I thought the author might be Robert Blake but when I searched for him William Blake came up - some of the poems were familiar - The Poison Tree was one we studied in the course but it is not the one I am wanting.

So it may be neither of those names.

The poem is most likely quite well known and the poet famous (as long as it wasn't anon) and unfortunately the only things I remember is the general theme which is one of returning home after time away.

The line that used to tug at my heart strings had something to do with being back in this house, everything is the same but the person is different.

Unfortunately I can only really remember how the poem made me FEEL no title, no full sentence, no authors name.

I really hope someone can help me.

Please help!