The ships glided across land, dropping cyborg troopers at its third base along the Axia region. With planet Zilt in another dispute of its own against the Aasal, the ships would have to hope that it would be enough troops to support the battle as it left into space again.
"013201344" a cyborg line-unit reported to cyborg sergeant 788.
"876598905!", the sergeant talked down to the line-unit. The cyborg army operated into three main units as about 50 line-units folded into boxes with wheels at its bottom. The line-units then rolled into the battle field against the humans at winding speed. These units invaded the human military bases and bunkers along the battle field, taking bits of fire from the humans.
"000000000!" the front line of cyborgs warned as they self-destructed in seconds. The second wave of units then invaded with a few cyborg gunning down the remnants of humans midst the chaos.
It looked as if the yellow Aasal robots had taken them down, claiming victory at base one.