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Thread: How and What: The Screwdriver

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    Lightbulb How and What: The Screwdriver

    Here's a fun little challenge. Sometimes I like to make up stories about everyday things because they're more interesting than the reality of it. So I'm setting everyone this challenge. This is based on events that happened today.

    You are out walking in the street when you see a screwdriver in the middle of the street. There is no one else around.
    Tell me. How did the screwdriver get there and what do you do with it and/or what happens to it?

    Obviously someone dropped it plain and simple. I just leave it and keep walking. The owner is bound to come back for it.

    That's boring.
    Can anyone else come up with a better story?
    Have fun with it
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    Halfway across the street, I stopped. You know how sometimes something that's off will take a little while to get to the front of your brain? I had vaguely noticed the very out-of-place object while crossing, but didn't actually register it until I was standing right near it. What the hell...?

    I had some time before the light changed, so I walked a few steps over to the left and bent down for a better look. It was indeed a screwdriver, placed right dead center on the yellow line. It couldn't have been there long; it was a fairly warm day, but the ice hadn't melted yet.

    Next writer, take it away.
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    Here's a long and random answer I just made up but it was pretty fun to write.

    On a distant planet ruled by intelligent 7ft humanoid antelope, a civil war has been raging for the past hundred years.

    When the old king died he was without an heir and so both his nephew Duke Cyclops and his third cousin Lord Reginald tried to claim the throne and divided the planet into two separate factions, sparking the long running civil war.

    Fearing that this would happen the king had beseeched his most trusted advisor to construct an unbreakable box which can only be opened by a special key and lock the royal crown inside. Whomever the people decide should become king will receive the key to open the box and retrieve the crown and shall therefore become the undisputed king of the world.

    Every year the people are obliged to vote for who shall earn the key, but the vote must be absolutely unanimous and so neither party wins. Frustrated, both parties began to offer bribes, threats and even have people executed if they didn't agree to vote for them.

    Unable to bear the devastation caused by both parties in their long running civil war, their attempts to swing the votes and their attempts to forcibly retrieve they key, an old wizard decided that neither of them were worthy of becoming king. But as long as the key existed neither would stop in their quest for the crown. They had sent spies, assassins and even armies to obtain the key by force but, until now, they had been thwarted but the keys elite guards, deadly traps and protective spells.

    The wizard knew that it was only a matter of time until one of them managed to coerce the people to vote for him or succeeded in stealing the key. But the key, like the box, was unbreakable. So the wizard decided to hide the key. To send it to a world far away where neither party could ever get to it.

    He cast a sleeping spell on the guards. He teleported around the various traps. He broke the magical seal preventing anyone from touching the key and then created the most powerful portal he could possibly manage and threw they key into it. With his last ounce of strength he closed the portal forever.

    The key was sent hurtling through space and time and landed in a random the street in a random country of a random planet light-years away from its home world. Just a few moments later you come across this thing in the street. To you it is just a humble screwdriver, like anything you can buy at any hardware store. It's nothing special. Little do you know that it is actually the unbreakable key, to the unbreakable box, which contains the royal crown that will make whoever wears it the king or queen of an entire planet.

    You look at it for a while and wonder where it came from. Then you decide to leave it there for someone else to deal with.
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    Angrily, I walked out into the middle of the street and retrieved the screwdriver. Some stupid plumber of tradesman had been too lazy to secure their tools properly, most likely to get to the pub on a Friday afternoon, and it had fallen out and landed there.

    Normally, I wouldn't have give a damn. It's just that I live in the area and I would be the unlucky S.O.B. that would drive over it and it would puncture my tyre. Again, normally I wouldn't care because my old car is inexpensive to fix, however, the new car I just bought the wife is a different story. Brand new 4WD tyres are so expensive and my luck is she will be the one to drive over it.

    It's funny how you change your way of thinking when the company you have worked for for the last 20 years has announced (unexpectedly) that they are closing and you will soon be out of a job. I didn't see that one coming.

    Thanks, (screwdriver), for reminding me that nothing is forever.

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    Here's another long one. This one's kind of dark and I had to put a lot more effort into it.

    Phil and Eddie have been best friends for a very long time. As children they were neighbours. They were in the same classes throughout school. They were always playing in each other's houses. They, unsuccessfully, tried to start a dog grooming business when they were ten, to earn enough money to buy a popular hand held games console each, so that they could play together. They went to the same college and started a short lived band together. They got their first jobs in a supermarket together. Even when events in life meant they had to part ways they still stayed in touch. They were the best man at each other's weddings. When Phil's mother died it was Eddie who helped him through it and when Eddie's wife of five years, Loraine, divorced him and gained custody of their three year old daughter, Phil was there to help him get back on his feet.

    Phil and Eddie have been having a guys night out. Phil really needed a good time. Things haven't been going well at home. Two years ago his wife, Caroline, suffered a miscarriage and things haven't been well since. Eddie was there to help him through that too. Also his company are downsizing and people are in fear of their jobs. Phil is pretty sure he'll have to find new employment soon, as he's sure that his boss doesn't like him. He's been looking forward to this night out with his old buddy since they planned it about a month ago. Eddie seems to be the only stable thing in his life right now.

    The two men, having left the bar, are now quite drunk and staggering back to Phil's. Phil has had more to drink than Eddie and Eddie has seemed a little distracted tonight. Phil didn't like to pry because he knows that Eddie and his ex-wife have been arguing over child support and that it's upsetting for him. They've been chatting about Phil's marriage. Well, Phil has been kind of yelling about it in a drunken slur and Eddie has been trying to Keep him upright as they walk down the street, occasionally nodding or offering small words of condolence.

    "...and she's like...distant. You know?" Phil suddenly lurches forward, feeling the urge to vomit and Eddie catches him.
    "Easy there buddy."
    Phil's stomach settles a little so nothing comes out but he stares at the ground, bemused, for a moment. He blinks several times, trying to focus.
    "Eddie. Look."
    Eddie looks at the ground to see a screwdriver before them, just lying in the middle of the street.
    "How'd that get there?" Eddie looks at it for a moment, "What do you think we should do?"
    Phil reaches down and picks it up, "Can't leave it here."
    It's true. Some kids could find it. There's been a lot of gang related stabbings round here lately. Better not leave them this little temptation.
    As it turns out, bending down proved fatal for Phil as he felt vomit rising in the back of his throat and proceeded to spill his guts right there and then.
    Eddie leaps back in surprise, "Nice man. Real nice."
    Suddenly Eddie's phone rings. He has a text message. As he reads it Phil pulls himself up and wipes his mouth with his sleeve, still holding the screwdriver.
    He raises a questioning eyebrow towards his friend, "Loraine?"
    Eddie looks a little startled, "'s nothing."
    The two friends continue walking though Eddie has become rather fidgety. Maybe he's finally going to tell Phil what's going on between him and Loraine. Phil just hopes he's sober enough to listen to his best friend's problems.
    At last Eddie speaks, "Hey.... Um.... You know and Caroline had that...thing two years ago. How you were...both cut up and stuff?"
    Phil nods slowly, wondering what Caroline's miscarriage has got to do with the problems between Eddie and his ex-wife?
    After a moment Eddie continues, "You know how...Caroline got all...all depressed...and stuff? For a long time? And then you had to go on that business trip? So.... So you asked me know...look after her and stuff? While you were gone?"
    Phil nods again, only more slowly this time.
    "Well. Um...Something.... Something kind of...happened. While you were away. And. It was wrong. And we agreed never to do it again...and not to tell you."
    Phil's eyebrows furrow in suspicion.
    " Caroline.... I.... We've.... We've been...seeing each other. For a while.'s kind of.... Um...."
    Phil frowns, he's too drunk for a joke like this, "Not funny dude."
    "No. I know. And I didn't want it to be like this. You know?"
    "Tell me you're joking."
    "Sorry's true. Caroline and me, were...were in love. It''s not like we hurt you...or anything. She says she wants you. And...we're.... She's pregnant... and...."
    Phil can hardly speak. He can hardly breathe. The world is spinning, and it's not the alcohol. Eddie. Caroline. Eddie? His best friend? And his wife? It can't be true. Eddie would never. No way. How? Why? No. It must be a joke. A cruel joke. But Eddie's not laughing. He's not even smiling. His face is strange. Kind of sad. Kind of sheepish. No. Is that pity? Pity? Of course. He's been laughing at Phil behind his back. Caroline too. If only Phil hadn't drunk so much, this would be easier. All these thoughts swimming around. Spiralling out of control. Sucking Phil in. He can't think straight. He can't breathe.
    Finally Phil's mouth utters a single question, like that will make it all alright.
    "How long?"
    Eddie shifts about uncomfortably before replying, "about.... A year...and a half...."
    It's like a dagger in Phil's heart. No. A thousand daggers. A thousand red hot, burning daggers. All that time. Christmas. The mistletoe. When Caroline got drunk and fell asleep on Eddie's shoulder. Phil's birthday. All those glances. The subtle gestures. The kitchen. Eddie helped Caroline with the coffee. Stealing any chance to be alone together. How could he have not seen it?
    "I'm sorry mate."
    Sorry? Sorry! Best friends since they were four years old. All those years. Everything. Eddie had just destroyed Phil's world. Brought it crashing down in the space of a few minutes. And he was sorry. And that face. So full of pity. So smug. Did he always make that face? Phil had never noticed before. He must have. All that time.
    "Phil. Phil? Are you alright?"
    Alright? Of course he wasn't alright. He'd never be alright. He'd never been alright, he just didn't know it. The pain in his chest was so great. If only Eddie could feel it too. Phil was going to wipe that smug look off of Eddie's face. He clenched his fist. There was something in his hand. The screwdriver? He lunged at Eddie. Eddie would feel his pain. Eddie had to pay for this. If only Eddie were gone.

    Phil woke up from a terrible dream. He'd been out drinking with Eddie. Then Eddie told him that he'd been seeing Caroline in secret and that she was pregnant. Phil hit Eddie. Then what happened? It was still dark. And the ground was hard and rough. A yellow street light flickered overhead. Phil looked around.
    It was a street. Did he pass out?
    Where was Eddie?
    There was something in his hand. It was cold and slippery.
    A screwdriver.
    It was wet. Phil was wet. Did it rain?
    Where was Eddie?
    He looked around. Eddie was lying on the ground. Was he hurt? He was in a puddle of something. Something red.
    To Phil's horror he realised it was blood. He rushed over to his friend. Eddie didn't move. He didn't breathe. His shirt was drenched in blood. It had to be a joke. But he was cold. On the ground next to Eddie lay his phone.
    Phil should call an ambulance.
    He picks up the phone.
    There's a message.
    Of course, Eddie got a message.
    It was from Caroline.
    It simply read;

    "Have you told him yet?"
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