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    Every star in the night sky shone brightly
    As Don headed down a quiet road

    But he was not lonely for
    They were always there to keep him company

    And their distant Sister
    the Moon
    also cast Her silvery light
    down upon the vast openness of
    the desert plain

    Where Cactuses stood
    Few and far apart
    Drinking in her rich nectar
    Until they glowed themselves
    And shared the light
    With the plain.

    As the Moon rose
    To the very height
    Of Heaven itself
    The plain became radiant
    As though a fog hung over it.

    A pack of Coyotes
    Slunk across this silent world
    Of soft silver and shadows
    And though Don was an old soul
    He did not fear them for he rode
    Along in silence in his sleek
    Black car
    A gift to himself after many long years
    Of hard work and little time off
    Though now he felt sad
    For he knew he wouldn't be going back
    He felt the same sadness
    When he glanced at his wife
    Next to him
    Her soft blonde hair turned silver too
    by the Moon's touch

    She had been a good wife
    Was her name
    And she had fit with Don like
    A noble's hand in a tailored
    Silk glove

    He did not want to leave her
    But in the distance a hill
    Began to form
    Gently rolling into existence
    As he neared
    Until finally it covered the entire horizon and the stars burned
    Brightly above it
    Like millions of tiny candles
    Upon this beautiful hill

    Luna would be safe
    When he reached the top
    He smiled at her
    Though she slept
    And he silently
    Closed the door to the car and walked down the delicate slope
    Into a valley of lush greens
    Still brushed with that rich silver
    That She gave off so generously
    The moon in all her glory in the Sky
    Perched high above on that hill

    While I walked I could hear her calling to me
    My wife must have stirred from her sleep
    Though I moved with grace
    Down that hill
    And the car ran warm
    She still woke
    And she called to me
    At first the sound pleasant like home
    Drawing me back to the woman
    I loved
    While I moved further into that sea of greens and silver
    the sound lost it's warmth
    It's allure dwindled until
    it was nothing more than
    A hum in the distance

    Don looked back
    Only to witness
    a sky of green leaves above
    And he knew he would not see
    Luna again
    perched high in the sky
    Not on this day
    at least


    I wrote this last night, I'd say Hemingway is one of my favorite authors and it's in vein of Beowulf and The Old Man and Sea, but it's more abstract. I'm going to write more chapters and continue the story if you guys enjoy it.

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    Chapter 2

    The forest gave way to a valley
    Of rolling green hills
    And vibrant
    Grassy plains

    Now the Sun blazed high above
    It's warmth returning the
    Youth to Don's bones
    The chill of night washed off
    His very Soul

    And again in the distance
    Came an intriguing sight
    A splotch of Earth
    A landmark of Brown in that Sea of Green
    With Blue and Gold raining down
    From the Heavens above

    Don walked without the weariness
    Of Night heavy upon him
    And as he did he passed many
    Splendid animals
    Their ranks bolstering
    Their Colors blending
    And shimmering off each other
    Until He neared upon the Cave
    It's interior Dank and Dark
    Though the rays of the Sun
    Did much to ignite
    The Mouth of cave like
    Two huge torches burning
    Desperately trying to illuminate
    This vast expanse of darkness
    And they did a Splendid job
    At least as far as the Mouth was concerned

    Two crystalline pools
    Of the freshest water
    Untouched by Man and his greed
    Sat teasing the Cave
    With their delicious life giving fluids
    So close to refreshing this famished Cave
    But never quite close enough

    And all the animals
    In their splendor and ferocity
    Turned to Don
    And beckoned him to enter
    To give relief to this
    Great beast
    Their friend's suffering
    And Don knew this was a test
    For all it meant to be a Man
    And he could not fail this one
    If he wanted to see his love
    High above in the sky again
    For he could not turn back after this challenge
    This beckoning to help

    One of the Coyotes
    A lost child of the Night
    An envoy and friend of Luna's
    Stepped forth from the Black of the Bulls
    The Red of the Bears
    The Gold of the Lions and the Sun
    His silver coat a glorious reminder
    Of Don's Love
    A cunning and intelligent smile
    He wore with ease upon his lips

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