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Thread: Love's Second Print

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    Love's Second Print

    You stared at the lofty title
    that was so long ago
    engraved on organic strands
    of graded pulp
    dressed with italic letters
    with undulating curves
    glossed by virgin pigments

    Perused the modest preamble
    baring my noble constitution
    still containing the outlines
    of the simulated aspirations
    in my circumspect manuscript

    then winsomely closed the book
    combed the refurbished cover
    that radiated with the glare
    from other's infatuated eyes

    Scoped the worn binder
    whose once tights grooves
    were sealed with your kisses
    becoming dried glue stains
    containing the prints
    of my reader's teasing hands

    With tears of regret
    re-opened the second print
    that shared syndicated desires
    tawdry lines en-grafted
    on the pristine folds
    of untainted pages
    words with duplicitous intent
    overshadowing the chaste thesis
    coaxing gratuitous minds
    with ulterior motives
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