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Thread: God's Angel of Vengeance quote.

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    God's Angel of Vengeance quote.


    It's been a year or so since i've read through the book last, and i've been commissioned to draw some print artwork based on the novel.
    There's a quote that Dante says throughout, professing himself to be doing god's work, or something along the lines of divine providence/god's angel of vengeance, i'm certain he mentions something to do with him being the embodiment of God's revenge throughout, can anyone dig out the exact wording of this? I have scoured 'quote' sites to find it, but can't at all.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not sure whether any of these are the quote you want. I think there are other similar quotes throughout the book.

    "I too, as happens to every man once in his life, have been
    taken by Satan into the highest mountain in the earth, and
    when there he showed me all the kingdoms of the world, and
    as he said before, so said he to me, `Child of earth, what
    wouldst thou have to make thee adore me?' I reflected long,
    for a gnawing ambition had long preyed upon me, and then I
    replied, `Listen, -- I have always heard of providence, and
    yet I have never seen him, or anything that resembles him,
    or which can make me believe that he exists. I wish to be
    providence myself, for I feel that the most beautiful,
    noblest, most sublime thing in the world, is to recompense
    and punish.' Satan bowed his head, and groaned. `You
    mistake,' he said, `providence does exist, only you have
    never seen him, because the child of God is as invisible as
    the parent. You have seen nothing that resembles him,
    because he works by secret springs, and moves by hidden
    ways. All I can do for you is to make you one of the agents
    of that providence.' The bargain was concluded. I may
    sacrifice my soul, but what matters it?" added Monte Cristo.
    "If the thing were to do again, I would again do it."
    Villefort looked at Monte Cristo with extreme amazement.
    (chapter 48)

    "Madame, you are mistaken, they are not misfortunes, -- it
    is a punishment. It is not I who strike M. de Morcerf; it is
    providence which punishes him."
    "And why do you represent providence?" cried Mercedes. "Why
    do you remember when it forgets?
    (chapter 89)

    but I, betrayed, sacrificed, buried, have risen
    from my tomb, by the grace of God, to punish that man. He
    sends me for that purpose, and here I am."
    (chapter 89)
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    Thank you, the top one, resembles what i am looking for, i remember it being earlier on in the book, before his confrontation of Villefort and as he arrived in Paris, i could've been an inner monologue or a conversation with Ali/Albert, but i'm sure he doesn't mention his full intentions that early on.

    It's more succinct and simply about him carrying out 'God's work' or 'Will' or 'Vengeance' can't remember which. Either way, i can most certainly use one of these. There is always the 'God is with me' quote, but i feel that whacked on an art print it might give the wrong impression of the true nature of the book, and make it seem more.. religious than it should.

    Thanks again though.

    Quote Originally Posted by chevalierdelame View Post
    I'm not sure whether any of these are the quote you want. I think there are other similar quotes throughout the book.

    (chapter 48)

    (chapter 89)

    (chapter 89)

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