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    “Is it yellow?” asked Jeremy.
    “Nope, blue.” responded Henrik.
    “Darn. Try me again.” pestered Jeremy as he put his blindfold back on.
    “Whatever you say.” said Henrik as he took a yellow M&M out of the bag and prepared to place it in Jeremy’s mouth. They had been doing this for quite some time now, after Jeremy had told Henrik that he could tell the color of the M&M by eating it blindfolded. M&M’s are of course small chocolate candies which are all identical in taste, and would be indistinguishable were it not for the non-flavored colors of each. Just as Henrik began placing the M&M into Jeremy’s mouth, Henrik’s mom called.
    “Henrik! Lunch is ready!” yelled Kristina, Henrik’s mom from downstairs.
    “We’ll be down in a minute!” yelled back Henrik.
    “Give me one more shot and then let’s go down and eat.” said Jeremy to Henrik.
    “Alright, tell me the color of this one. No peeking.” said Henrik.
    Jeremy chewed very long, and seemingly systematically on what was the 14th and final M&M of their experiment. Henrik knew that they’re couldn’t possibly be a system to guessing the color of an M&M, especially considering the thirteen previously failed attempts. But Henrik played along nonetheless, so when Jeremy guessed if the yellow colored M&M was blue, he told him that it was correct and conceded that Jeremy could in fact guess the color of an M&M, even though he really could not.

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    its good but I think you need to introduce a reason why its important for Hendrik to be that generous to Jeremy and/or a reason why Jeremy thinks he can guess the flavour. As it stands - kids just aren't that benevolent. towards each other

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