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Thread: The Book and the Bot

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    The Book and the Bot

    The Book and the Bot

    Sheets of paper,
    ink residues in a stack,
    sheets of paper,
    ink reclined, a bend here, a swirl amidst,
    oceanic whites,
    the iris of an early eye treading papyrus,
    the iris of a current eye piercing the wood,
    it led to the writing of ruffians awash in bullets
    its stoic lines summoned battalions,
    Emancipation! Appomatox!
    The dot on every “I” in History,
    and every “I” in history permeating from that dot,
    The sheets of paper come again,
    o’ rendezvous my friends,
    bring your black, bring your red,
    o’ hail from bark to blood to drenched laughs,
    Lines on Lines in novelettes and tomes,
    led mankind to a door.
    History could not thwart the foe
    The tepid fate of the trodden word
    it seems alas we know. The pad on which I write
    felicitously invites doubt as to whether Facebook
    or Lolita will greet history with a cordial bow.
    My hide hides the heart inside

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    Good to see you back, Adolescent! I like tapestry of inevitability that you have woven on the ink-stained pages of time. My favorite lines are: The iris of an early eye treading papyrus/ The iris of a current eye piercing the wood. Also, it is true that the headlines and bylines conspire together to inscribe the "I" in history. I loved your deep, thought-provoking poem.

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    hi and welcome back indeed
    an interesting piece
    the title is rather fun.
    everything reads cool.
    I enjoyed it.
    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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