Hi all, just want to mention that this is a story that came to my mind one night when I was going to sleep and you know how imagination can work.


His mother tucked him up to the neck. He hated that because he was getting hot in no time. Thus he wasnít able to sleep at all. As soon as she left his room, he untucked himself and stood up on the bed. Good that there was the night lamp which was spreading some light across the room. It was easier for him to find the small truck toy. There it was, on the floor. He reached out and grabbed it. By the look of his eyes one couldíve easily seen that this boy loved that toy so much. It was a gift from his father, who died almost a year ago.

The boy lied back on the bed, wrapped his blanket over his waist, took a last look at the truck toy, which was already residing on the night stand next to the bed, and started to fade out in sleep.

Barely couple of minutes have passed since he drifted away, and he thought he heard a noise. He opened his eyes and turned his head on the right, where the door to the hallway was. His gaze was pointed towards the crevice between the door and the floor. He could see light there. Of course this was probably the automatic switch lights his father installed long time ago. It had a movement detection sensor. Probably mom has gone to the toilet, he thought. The light went off. He waited some time just to be sure and soon after turned back on the bed and fell asleep.

At around midnight he was already dreaming. He was playing with the truck toy alongside his father. They were laughing and smiling. It felt so real. And then it became dark. As in a hole. His fatherís vision started to disappear in the hole. The little boy wanted to call him, to reach him out, but the abyss between them was getting deeper and deeper. He woke up crying. Thatís how much he missed his father.

He turned his head again to the door. There it was, the light again. He was really curious why it is on. He climbed out of the bed and went to the door. Opened it just enough to shove his hand and to find the light switch on the left. Because of the detection lamp there were two switches Ė one for the light in the hallway, and one for the detection lamp. He pressed one of them and waited there for about a minute or two and since the light was still there, he assumed the correct switch was pressed.

He stepped out of the room and turned right. There at the end of the hallway, stood his father. Or at least thatís what the frightened boy thought this vision was. In the attempt to scream out of fear the vision looking like his father said:

- Hi son! I missed you too!

Then the light went off.